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You already know your gold’s primary use: in creating bars and coins, currency, and jewellery. Still, gold is used for other purposes, like in the medical world and culinary business. For example, people indulge in it in beverages or use it as culinary decoration for electronic devices.

Hence, with the versatility as the yellow metal does not tarnish and is malleable, it is used in various applications when melted down and blended with other precious metals. So, given all the uses of gold, it does not surprise us that you might want to look at selling your unwanted gold, hoping to make fast cash.

Still, keeping this in mind with predictions of the yellow metal moving up and down. The yellow metal remains a popular item you can present for sale. For this reason, do you have gold jewellery that is not your style or fashion anymore? Or have your jewellery pieces lost their sentimental value, or is it broken?

Whatever reason you have for wanting to sell your gold jewellery as a seller, you will unlikely not receive the total market value for your precious metal. Hence, it is rare to sell 2nd hand jewellery and receive the original retail price.

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The reason is that most gold dealers Melbourne melt the metal down and are not concerned about the design, style, or craftsmanship. Hence, if you have a family heirloom, it helps to investigate whether it has an antique value compared to the scrap gold value.

So, what can you do with your scrap gold? You have several options for selling old gold jewellery. First, you can visit a local jeweller or pawnshop, or you can use a mail service. Still, the prices vary drastically given the buyback rates that are not regulated.

Thus, the best option to receive guaranteed competitive rates is to visit a licensed gold dealer to buy your unwanted gold jewellery. You can then expect a buyback price for your items at 80% of the gold spot price, multiplied by the purity and weight of each item.

You can simply visit a gold buyer at their bullion trading room in Brisbane with your unwanted gold jewellery with the gemstones removed. Also, remember to take your identification along like a passport or your Australian Driver’s License.

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Remember to also take a utility bill with your name and indicate your residential address. Then, if you do not want to receive cash, the gold dealer can arrange to pay the money into your bank account. Yet you will need to provide them with your BSB account number with proof of your account.

As you can see, no matter what form of gold you have, it still is worth the weight when you sell it to gold dealers Melbourne. The dealers will test your gold deposit on the spot to receive your relevant payment in cash or in your bank.

In addition, if you want to invest in gold and other precious metals, a gold dealer offers different options to buy gold and silver bars to coins on the prevailing metal spot price. So, put your weight to work by visiting a local gold buyer at their shop today.

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