2022 STEM Teaching Tools That Can Double Student Attention

STEM teaching tools

With schools picking up pace after the holiday season, it’s time to up the teaching methods across the board. Be it arts or science, having exciting supplementary provisions for all subjects is essential to keep the students interested in learning for the long run. Thankfully, achieving that is now possible because of the incredible science, technology, engineering, and math, aka STEM teaching tools.

Modern-day educational aids such as robots, virtual reality, and 3D printers enable educators to impart knowledge much more engagingly, making them a must-have for all teachers. Technological advancements have truly transformed teaching practices, and they don’t seem to be stopping. Like all other fields, the world of STEM education also keeps getting more and more advanced by the minute. Resultantly, STEM teaching tools continue to improve every year. Therefore, it’s vital for teachers to stay updated about the advancements in tutoring applications.

Keeping that in mind, we decided to share the best STEM tools for the classroom for 2022 so that you can advance your teaching style and prepare your students for globally connected classroom.

Smart Robots Like Dash And Sphero RVR

Robots have truly revolutionized how humans process and practically work with information. Whether it be medicine, engineering, or education, machine-based gadgets are restructuring the workings of every field. So naturally, automated devices also serve as excellent resources when carrying out STEM projects along with students.

While there are many new and improved robots for educators to incorporate into their lessons, Dash and Super RVR stand out for a variety of reasons.


Dash is a coding genius, offering endless ways in which kids get to learn how patterns and sequences impact the one-eyed robot’s movements. It can sing, move, draw and most importantly, understand commands. It is super interactive and gives students aged 6+ the opportunity to acquire hands-on experience of coding and prepare themselves for the upcoming classes.

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Use Dash as a projectile firing machine, a sketch artist, a xylophone artist, or any other professionals to educate your kids. It doesn’t require any assembly; just take it out of the box and get on with the play.

 Sphero RVR

Sphero RVR is a mobile robot packed with technology to teach users the coding basics (and more). Connect it with a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth and drive this little bad boy wherever you want.

Additionally, kids can use it to draw, expand their coding knowledge and get a better grasp of JavaScript.

In short, if you wish to hone your students’ programming skills and prepare them for advanced classes, bring a software-driven robot into your classroom.

Merge Cube: Augmented Reality In Your Hands

As the name gives away, Merge cube is a cube-shaped device that allows users to take a closer look at unattainable wonders and colossal phenomena in their hands.

All you need to do to work with it is scan its side via Merge apps on your smartphone or tablet and deep dive into a new realm of existence at every turn.

Want to teach your students the structure of a human heart? Or want to show them the galactic stars with more clarity? Now you can do it all with the brilliant technology that is the Merge Cube.

A SmartBoard

Not a super recent development in the field of education, smartboard is still worth mentioning. It is an AI-powered whiteboard operated by the touch of a finger (or smartpens). Attach it to a computer and let students see everything bigger and better.

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You can use it to work on different science projects while keeping all the kids involved. It can be an excellent addition to any classroom, offering tons of fun learning activities for students.

Math Snacks

Math can be a challenging subject to teach with little room for creativity. But with Math Snacks, you can make a rather boring course tremendously engaging and exciting. It uses moving pictures and musical notes to make numbers a fascinating lesson.

Math Snacks is a mentally-stimulating website with lessons for 4-8 graders. Topics like factors, algebra, and measurements are covered on the site, with teachers’ guides for each one.


Using 3D models for educating students is arguable one of the most efficacious teaching methods in the classroom. In the past, doing so was a bit difficult for young learners, but thanks to TInkercad, now 3D models are in reach of middle schoolers.

Tinkercad employs block coding to create intelligent 3-dimensional characters and objects to teach children programming and digital designing. Once the designs are built, they can be printed using a 3D printer if you have access to one.

This CAD-based online program is an outstanding tool for STEM learning. Make tech education easier for your students with Tinkercad.

Ending Note

Keeping up with the advancing STEM teaching tools is vital to making school life enjoyable for young learners.

Need more guidance on making learning fun for your kids? Reach out to experts on Level-up Village and let us help you with it all.

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