5 Classic Chic Tudor Watch To Give Your Man

Tudor watches

If you plan on making your man happy, then a watch gift will be perfect. Men are not too much fetish with accessories except for a fine watch. It will bring that unforgettable smile of happiness to their heart. And in turn, they will appreciate the love because they feel valued like a timeless timepiece.

There are brands of watches that can cater to this kind of beautiful surprise like Tudor. It has the quality to its features but more notable for its classic ensemble that adds lovely chic to their timepieces. Here are the five best picks that give this total magnificence package that is innate to Tudor watches.

Prince Date Day Automatic Gold Dial Diamond Men’s Watch

All Tudor watches speak elegance like this automatic watch with a dial illuminating in gold. The case has the classic chic color of yellow gold made of steel. Its round shape case in 34mm diameter provides comfort to the wearer’s wrist. A man will look classy with this watch in a white polo shirt or tuxedo.

The image of durability gets visible in its stainless bracelet. This timepiece does only boast of its classic design, but the functions are also superb. It has a power reserve of 38 hours and a water resistance feature within a distance of 100 m. Indeed it can keep up with your man who loves outdoor adventure.

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Prince Date Day Automatic White Dial Men’s Watch

This stunning watch with a white dial fits the complete definition of classic. The touch of white creates elegance in simplicity, which usually serves that image of any gentleman. It has a case made of steel that blends well with its yellow gold bracelet’s same steel texture. Indeed this will bring joy to the heart of your man.

It has an automatic watch with 38 hours of power reserve that can suit the busy life. It has a water resistance feature of 100 m enough to resist damage in case submerged into deep water. The wearer of this elegant timepiece will significantly appreciate this kind of versatile function.

Black Bay 41 Automatic Black Bezel Fabric Strap Men’s Watch

You can never go wrong with black. This timeless color gives that classic character to this watch. Its attractive presence gets found in this watch’s dial and indexes in dot and hands in snowflake form. Then the luminescence finish gives it the chic touch. Indeed, this watch can transcend love.

Its powerhouse design gets more interesting with its solid case in stainless steel. The shape of the round gives it a reliable character, and the diameter size of 41 mm adds comfort to the wearer. There is a luxury to this watch that makes it stand out once worn with the classic clothing ensemble of black.

This luxurious timepiece also possesses highly commendable features. It has a long power reserve for 70 hours. Then water-resistant to damage of water within 200 m. A perfect watch to give your man who has the enthusiasm for diving. The strap with a durable fabric provides a good grip.

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Prince Date Day Automatic Silver Dial Men’s Watch

The chic of silver gives this watch a simple class. This tone of silver looks beautiful on its dial. Its case is elegant in stainless steel and round shape. The 34mm size of this timepiece blends well with a yellow gold steel bracelet. Its timeless design speaks to the strength and passion of a man.

Do not focus only on its beautiful craftsmanship because this watch shows prowess too of brilliant features. It has movements with a power reserve of 38 hours. Plus, this automatic type timepiece can resist water damage within 100m.

Prince Date Day Automatic Champagne Dial Diamond Men’s Watch

This classic watch’s stainless steel texture adds on attractiveness with the unique champagne color toned to its dial. The case in round shape is sophisticated with the elegance of stainless steel yellow gold. This watch can lure happiness to your man’s heart because the stainless steel character overflows up to its bracelet.

This watch gives you more than just a chic, classy design because its features also give satisfaction. The timepiece has 38 hours of power reserve and is water-resistant in 100 m. Your man will find this watch convenient and useful, especially for his on the go type of activities.


Loving our man means giving them the best. A watch gift of their dreams with classic chic design equipped with quality functions can elate joy to their heart. Tudor watches embody all these characteristics, which makes it one of the best timepieces to give. Find these watches now online and show your man this valuable watch that can make him the happiest.

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