6 reasons why you should moisturize your skin

moisturize your skin

Seems like there is so much to do every morning, it becomes a hassle to get up and moisture the skin as well. However, it has to be done. Why, you might be wondering? In addition to just feeling great, it can also help keep the skin smooth, wrinkle-free, and clean. And really, who wants to have dry or dead skin? Think about it. If you’re not convinced, here are 6 reasons why you should moisturize your skin.

Reduces skin problems

If you use the right kind of moisturizer for your skin, it could help to maintain the balance. When your skin is too dry or oily, there is a greater chance for skin problems like acne to occur. According to Dr. Ted Lain, a dermatologist, if your skin is dry, you should look for a cream that has a higher oil content. For instance, the dove intensive cream is pretty good for nourishing if you have dry skin.

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It helps to deal with blemishes

Freshly moisturized skin has a natural glow to it. This helps to even out the existing blemishes. Several moisturizers have a tint or self-tanner that goes well with any skin tone. So you don’t have to worry about how it would go with your skin tone.

Keeps the skin young

Did you know that your skin’s most sensitive areas are the face, neck, chest, and ears? They replace themselves more frequently than other areas of your skin. The daily loss of skin cells can leave the area more vulnerable to dryness. This increases your chances of getting skin cancer. If you moisturize your skin regularly, it will repair itself and stay healthy.

Prevents wrinkles

When you moisturize your face, you might feel it becomes plumper and tighter. That feeling isn’t an illusion. The British Journal of Dermatology states that people who moisturize their skin regularly accumulate wrinkles at a fraction of a rate as compared to those who don’t moisturize.

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Faster cell turnover

Another reason why you should get into the habit of moisturizing daily is because it improves cell functions and results in a speeded cell turnover. Our skin is always producing new skin cells within the dermis and replaces old, worn-out cells. When we get older, this process slows down and causes imperfection in the skin. However, with the use of a good moisturizer, you can evade this problem altogether.

Resilience against toxins and UV rays

Moisturizer helps to protect the lipid barrier on the skin. This prevents pollutants and other toxins from harming the living cells beneath the skin. Some moisturizers such as Vaseline blue seal have glycerin.This forms a barrier on the skin and prevents it from being too exposed.

Last thoughts

Now that you know the benefits of a moisturizer, you should make a point to incorporate it into your daily routine. Do it twice a day—in the morning and night—to get the full effect. You will notice the difference very soon.

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