Asthma is a very common disorder for oldies: Stop them suffer from it


Asthma is a breathing problem which appears when your airways in the lungs nearly blocked by mucus.

If you are suffering from shortness of breath, noisy breathing, dry coughing, chest tightness, etc, then yes, you are suffering from asthma.

There are two types of asthma Allergic and Non-allergic. Allergic Asthma caused by mould or pet dander and the Non-allergic Asthma caused by cold as well as stress.

Before we used to think as asthma happens when someone’s immunity power and breathing system is weak then maybe it is basically a childhood problem. But in this era of extreme pollution (which is a trigger cause of asthma) elder people suffer most from asthma.

There can be two reasons why older people get caught by asthma. One is as a side effect of their doings in middle age (such as smoking) and another is less immunity power in older age for which any kind of disease can occupy a noticeable place in their life.

Asthma when found in oldies

There is no confusion that asthma is a very common type of ailment in the oldies.  And it is found widely among older people aged over 65. Naturally, asthma caught people at a younger age. Sometimes it cured of the root in that age and sometimes it is not totally cured. It’s just that your age, as well as immunity power increases and your asthma, stops bothering you. But at your old age it comes back.


 The burden of asthma is more significant in older age is more significant with regard to morality, hospitalisation, medical costs or quality of life. However, it is very much difficult to treat asthma in the oldies. That is why in some cases asthma in older age remain undiagnosed and untreated. Because no one after coming to their older age wants to disturb themselves by various troubles. And in case of asthma older age people, symptoms are more all less same like younger age symptoms.

There are different prescriptions that are meant for asthma and that is also going to give you a life time control. Don’t forget to examine them which can reveal Hyperextension of the thorax, allergic skin problems, forced exhalation etc. And start your treatment in the correct way.

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Short term asthma symptoms of older people can be cured by inhaling oral steroids. But long term asthma symptoms are usually ignored for them. But according to physicians they should continue some exercises regularly, recommend only by professionals.

Because it is very complicated to treat older people as they can’t bear every treatment or medications and older patients with pre-existing heart diseases are more sensitive.

Usually, the best medicine for asthma is an inhaler which is an L-shaped metered-dose which you need to pump and inhale steroid in the form of gas that comes out from the device. But older people find it difficult to use and for the lack of correct manual coordination, it doesn’t work completely. So dry powder inhaler or oral medicines work better for them. Asthalin Inhaler 100 Mcg and Seroflo Inhaler is best inhaler, so you can try it.

Older people are more likely than children to have mental confusion or memory problems. They can’t take care of themselves. So if they are having several Asthma attacks you should consult an asthma specialist. Though nowadays asthma is a common disease and doesn’t need specialised treatment, in case of older people, you need to take care of every little detail.

 Because they are tender like a child. One wrong step can snatch them from you. Though asthma is no big deal, every little harm on older people’s body can cause even death.

How to take care of older patients by yourself

A physician or an asthma specialist no doubt can take care of them efficiently but they need your full attraction. But remember don’t make them feel like they are a burden on you.

  • At first, make sure they are following the healthy diet provided by the specialist.
  • Keep their asthma management plan no matter whether you’re travelling or not. This way you’ll always have an idea when their asthma attack can come.
  • Make sure they know that they are not suffering from some unknown disease or something else. They need assistance in order to keep their asthma under control. Reassure them that Asthma is not a big deal.
  • Tell them to do yoga daily in the early morning. If necessary, force them to do so. Yoga will make sure that their heart is healthy. And weaknesses of the heart is one of the main triggers causes of an asthma attack.
  • Keep them away from smoking.
  • Don’t forget to check if they are having any side effects for the medications they are receiving.
  • Overweight can make them face bigger trouble. Help them to lose their weight and maintain a considerable weight.
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Age and asthma can be and often are not good for each other. Older people with asthma often die for their shortness of breath or for their breathing problems.

 Some tests are very important to treat them in a very specific way. If their asthma is not under control within three to six months or if they are having an asthma attack several times. It is the time when they are needed to be taken care of by an asthma specialist, allergists, immunologist or pulmonologist.

As well as physical barriers financial barriers can appear during treatment. You need to make sure that their medical insurance covers asthma treatment.

Apart from Allopathy treatment don’t forget about Ayurvedic treatment of asthma. They too have a different traditional treatment for asthma. If Allopathy medications are causing side effects then you should definitely try Ayurvedic treatment. At Arrowmeds you can get Aerocort Inhaler Online to cure your asthma problem.

Better treatment of asthma requires improvement in lifestyle and diet. More than 2 million older people have asthma. It is particularly the case of significant importance especially for older people.

With asthma sinus problem, allergy problem and even sometimes anxiety can grow and can ruin their last stage of life. Comfortable and trustworthy assistance can encourage them can give them hope that they still can live the rest of their life peacefully.

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