Evergreen Men Fashion: Top 6 Looks

Evergreen Men Fashion

As new fashion trends, designs, colors, and other elements are introduced to the market, the results are unique and amazing outfits. However, this has presented a major challenge for men—finding outfits that will give them an evergreen appearance. However, it’s important to note that you don’t need a new fashion design to achieve the appearance.

The following are the top 6 looks for evergreen men's fashion.

The simple and classic outfit

One thing you should note you are more likely to end up buying clothes according to the latest fashion whenever you’ve planned to buy clothes. While this is very ok, you should avoid doing that.

Always try to purchase outfits that you envision yourself wearing for the next three or four years. Yes, this might sound weird, but it works perfectly well. For instance, you might choose to buy a pair of Levi’s jeans. Most people who have owned Levi’s jeans agree that they can last up to four years. If you are searching for a classic outfit, consider going for blue jeans. All in all, it’s always a good idea to buy your jeans from a renowned store, and at a good price.

Also, please note that every outfit that you buy has its lifespan, which depends on its quality, as well as the ever-changing fashion trends. So, it’s an obvious thing that you cannot wear a t-shirt for more than 4 years. At the very most, you should expect to wear your t-shirt for 6 months.

Coats and colors

There are 3 essential things that you should consider when buying your coats—the price, the fit, and the pattern. Now, answering these three will change your mind. Coats are timeless outfits—therefore, you need to go for coats with simple or classic colors.

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Blue, back, navy, olive, and cream, among other related colors are considered evergreen colors, and you will not regret buying a coat of such colors. And why is this? You can use such coats for many years, and they are also suitable for different occasions.

Now, if you wish to add patterns, you can always consider minimalistic or solid patterns. Therefore, the simpler the color and the lesser the pattern, the better the appearance.

The official wear

If you have an office job, you’ll realize that you spend the majority of your time at the office. That means you need to look for the appropriate official wear. In most offices, a pair of official trousers and a shirt are allowed. Also, some bosses will allow staff to roll up their sleeves during the hot summer months.

But, it’s always a good idea to wear a suit when attending a business meeting. The suit you choose doesn’t need to look luxurious or premium—but a comfortable and classy tapered fit suit will get the job done. A light blue or white shirt is a classic piece that matches with almost every dark-colored trouser.

The winter outfit

When we mention winter, a jacket is the first thing that crosses the minds of most people. However, that shouldn’t be the case. The best option for such scenarios is layering.

So, how does this help to keep one warm? The best winter outfit should resist heat, and keep you stylish. And, you need to get it right for this to be possible. For instance, avoid wearing a visible t- shirt beneath your shirt. Rather, choose a non-visible undershirt or t-shirt, preferably white if you need to wear something under your shirt. Then, choose a jacket or sweater to layer your shirt.

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Also, it’s essential to ensure that you can move your body and arms freely, and without any challenges because of over-layering. If you choose casual layering, you can wear a shirt or a t-shirt, and then layer it with a blazer or denim jacket.

The casual and trendy outfit

A casual outfit is more easier to style than an official outfit. However, this doesn’t mean that you match any casual outfit that you come across. T-shirts are the most common, comfortable, and favored outfits for men. Thus, always make sure you have solid t-shirts in your wardrobe since they can save you a lot of time if you don’t know what you should wear.

Some people believe that Tees are for young people, and not ideal for older people. However, that’s not true at all. You can match your t-shirt with jeans or chinos, and finish the outfit with a pair of sneakers or converse. Also, a pair of boots and jacket like the letterman jackets by VarsityBase are ideal for this outfit and will give you the evergreen appearance you need.

Accessorizing your outfit

Finally, how can you achieve that evergreen fashion without accessories and accents? These two add a touch of personality to your outfit and will enhance your look. Always choose accessories that support your look or go in the opposite direction to give you a unique style.

Think of something like a dressed-down belt for your denim outfit or a high-end watch for your casual outfit. However, you can only achieve this when you identify your personal style. With this, you will not have any challenge in accessorizing your outfit.

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