Everything to Know About Getting a Police Clearance

Police Clearance

When you apply for a job in Victoria, police clearance is needed. The police clearance will indicate that you have no criminal records.

Police clearance in Victoria is a statement by the Australian government that details criminal history or convictions on a person’s record. Your local police station will have this information, but an online website such as this one will deliver it much more conveniently.

Most of the time, your employer will request that you get your clearance from the place you’ve worked before. So, for example, if you worked in Melbourne, then a police clearance from Melbourne will be asked from you.

As such, there are websites that will provide the fastest and most convenient criminal history check for your employer. In as short as an hour, you will have your authenticated police check. You only have to upload your proof of identity and pay online. This police check is valid throughout all Australian police databases. Hence, you won’t need to wait long hours at your local police station, thanks to websites like these. It will give you the results you need fast.

You can choose to get your police clearance in Victoria and print it yourself or share the file electronically. And, there are employers who require recent police checks, so even though you have an old Victoria police check, you will need to avail of a new one.

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Victorian police checks are just the same as national criminal record checks.

The Process of Getting a Victorian Police Check (VIC)

Simply complete the online form, and it will only take you 5 minutes. The form includes your reason for the check, your date of birth, previous names and previous addresses. You then need to verify your ID online with the online ID verification platform. You may use your computer or mobile phone to do this. After that, pay with your credit card. Your police check will then be processed, and an email will be sent to you once it is ready.

The Cost of a Victorian Police Check

In Australia, a police check costs around $40. After an hour, you will have your completed check. About 72% of National Police Checks take an hour, but there are cases that manual vetting may take up to 10 business days.

What Is In a Criminal History Check?

In this check is your criminal history showing all convictions and arrests in Australian police databases. Employers will be able to see up-to-date criminal history checks, including your right to work visa checks and international police checks.

Accessing Your VIC from Overseas

Yes, you can access your VIC from overseas. When you apply for a police check while you’re overseas, you need to be able to receive SMS messages on your phone to verify your account when you apply. As such, make sure that your employer is asking for a national police check instead of an Australian Federal Police check.

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How Long Worker Checks Will Keep Your Police Check For

Your police check will be on the secure blockchain in your portal for 12 months after it’s been issued to you. You may share your certificate within this time period or print your copy anytime. And after 12 months, it will be removed, and you can no longer print or share it. It is at this time that you need to request another form. Meanwhile, if you lose your police certificate, you can simply reprint it.

National Police Check Disputes

You may dispute your police check results only if the information is not yours, part of it is not yours, details are inaccurate, or should not have been disclosed. You will be guided with a dispute lodgement process after clicking the dispute link at the bottom of your police check certificate.

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