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Receive help for psychological complaints from a place where you feel comfortable? At a flexible time? Then you’ve come to the right place. The online mental health practice offers you the opportunity to deal with your complaints in the field of depressive complaints, ADHD, trauma and / or anxiety disorders with the help of an online psychologist. You can do this from home or another place where you feel comfortable. All you need is a good internet connection and your smartphone, tablet or PC with webcam.

Get started safely and at your own pace

It may sound very exciting and / or a bit complicated, but rest assured: it is not too bad. All conversations with your online psychologist are conducted in a safe online environment via video calling and chat. This way you have personal contact, but from where it suits you best. In addition to the online conversations, you will receive online support from a treatment assistant via chat and / or telephone and you will work on your recovery at your own pace via e-health.

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For which psychological complaints?

Top-10 Online counselling websites are in full development and in the long term they expect to be able to treat multiple diagnoses by means of complete online therapy. They currently offer online assistance for adults who suffer from complaints related to depressive complaints, ADHD, trauma and / or anxiety disorders.

These treatments are covered by insured care and you can quickly get started with your recovery. So don’t wait any longer to get rid of your complaints and request a no-obligation consultation today.

Also, online therapy is possible. Sometimes it is difficult to deal with relationship problems yourself. Then an objective third person such as a relationship therapist can be of great help. The therapist looks for solutions to the relationship problems with you and without judgment.

Sometimes these are big problems, sometimes very minor relationship problems. Learning to communicate clearly and to get rid of tensions benefits any relationship. Through conversation you learn what is currently going wrong in your relationship and how you can tackle this in an effective way.

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Via online therapy such as video call or video calling via Skype, Zoom, etc. it is possible to talk to the therapist as a couple. Optionally, the therapy sessions can also be alternated with individual sessions.

Benefits of Online Therapy

Research shows that online therapy also produces positive results and offers many advantages:

  • You can ask your questions and get answers online, at your own pace.
  • For people who are more timid, talking via chat or email is comfortable. You should engage in less social confrontation, which makes it easier for you to talk about your feelings.
  • You can talk from your own familiar environment.
  • Do you have less time or do you find it difficult to move? Online therapy can be done in short moments!
  • Many people enjoy rereading their conversation with the therapist via chat or email after a while.

Online therapy also stimulates your independent ability to tackle problems.

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