Height increasing shoes for men

elevator shoes for men

The height increasing shoes are commonly known as elevator shoes. These shoes have been in high demand recently. Elevator shoes are increasingly gaining popularity by among males and female alike. In the golden days, they were considered feminine but gone are those days. The fact that elevator shoes’ manufacturing companies like guidomaggi.com are coming up, more often means the use are in demand.

Features of height increasing shoes

Height increasing shoes have a thick part of the insoles to make the person wearing them appear taller. This thick inner section is called a shoe lift. The component that hides the elevation is inside the shoes making it way cooler. Soles of elevator shoes are made from different materials including but not limited to plastic, wood and rubber. This depends on the crafts man and the desired design.

Height increasing shoes have successfully replaced platform shoes as the elevation has proven critical in men’s shoes. They look like ordinary shoes from the outside which not only allows you to appear taller but also walk without feeling irritated.

Height increasing shoes consists of different layers. These layers include the insoles and outsoles, the upper leather, and the height increasing layer. The upper leather forms the face of the shoe. It determines how attractive the shoe will look. This shapes the shoe’s ability to complete your look and make you feel special.

The upper leather covers a large area. That is why the material used for the design is carefully selected. Most elevator shoes have anti-slip features that allow you to walk without your legs slipping forward. This is a major source of comfort.

The insole is the second layer. Its main purpose is to help absorb shock and minimize the impact of your weight on the ground. Besides, the layer adds some height to the shoes. Insoles protect the hidden elevation pad from wearing out. They also assist in provision of aeration.


The third layer is the height increasing layer. This is the part that adds the additional height you desire. The leather insoles will help absorb the impact at the same time makes you feel comfortable wearing elevator shoes. The outsole is the bottommost layer that provides grip to the ground as well as supplement comfort.

elevator shoes

Example of these elevator shoes include

  1. Elevator Dress Shoes

These shoes range from two inches to five inches tall that feature a hidden heel. This allows you to look noticeably taller. These shoes also offer a leather upper constriction with a smooth, sharp cap-toe design. The outer sole is light weight and very flexible to make mobility and movement very comfortable.

  1. Ankle Boot Elevator Shoes

The Ankle boot elevator shoe is laced, trendy and stylish. It can adjust your height with up to 3.1 inches. These shoes have a smooth leather upper, round cap toe, and durable built-in sole that provides added elevation. These boots can be put to test with an ergonomic design that allows for enough room in the shoe on top of the lifted insertion.

  1. Chelsea Elevator boots

Chelsea elevator boots are bound to be a staple in your winter wardrobe. They elevate an individual up to 3.1 inches, a serial elevation. A pair of Chelsea elevator boots is a must for any man. They go well with both casual and official looks. The best way to wear them is matching them with smart casual clothes.

  1. Lace-ups Elevator Shoes

Lace-ups are as good as other elevator shoes. Other than being unique, they are stylish and classy at the same time. When you get the right clothes for your body type, the Lace-ups complement them and you look just amazing.

  1. Elevator wedding shoes

These sleek shoes have perforated detailing, trendy square toe and comfort cushioning insoles.

They also have an added elevation of 3 inches. The leather is waxed for an ultra-smooth finish that comes in different shades.

  1. Elevator loafers

They have around 3.1 inches of elevation. For 5’9 tall guys, this can take you to 6’ plus real quick. This is the optimum height from which ladies start to fall for. At that height, you have the confidence to be what you wish to be in the social scene.

  1. Elevator Sneakers

It looks like sneakers will be fashionable for the longest time possible. The unique kicks have been around for quite some time now. As it appears, the elevator sneakers will rule the casual scene for a period not predictable. When worn with the right pants and top, you can pull a look not seen before. I guarantee you all the attention wherever you’ll pass by.

  1. Elevator combat boots

These are elevated shoes that favor bikers which have a fine style. Biking require a unique set of shoes as it is part of the personal protective equipment (PPE). It is only common sense to stick to those shoes that serve you as you want. Combat boots allow you to cycle and stay stylish at the same time. Well this is a combination hard to find. That is why you need more of this if you are a cyclist.

  1. Monk strap elevator shoes

Monk strap elevator shoes come in plenty of style and design. Depending on your taste, there’s almost everything for everyone. The Monk strap elevator shoes are just a perfect option for you. This is true especially if you love style.

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Elevator shoes are taking over the footwear industry. Elevator shoes’ manufacturing companies like guidomaggi have worked hard to ensure these special designs make it to the market easily. They are so wonderfully made that you’ll rarely notice any height enhancing qualities. They also come in different styles and can be worn on different occasions. Other than that, you can wear these shoes with almost any pant. This ability to blend well with most clothes makes elevator shoes easy to style up yourself with. All you need is an eye for detail that allows you to settle for the best elevator shoes for your height.

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