How Can CBD Oil Benefit My Pet?


As a pet parent, it hurts to see your cuddly pet sick. When this happens, you try your best to try all the medications and treatments available to make your pet feel better. However, if nothing is working and your furry friend is suffering from illness for a long time now, it’s time to switch to a natural remedy, and that is CBD oil.

CBD oil offers a more natural method to deal with your pet’s health issues. It is a compound found in the hemp plant and doesn’t have any psychoactive effects because it has very less THC content. Thus, CBD is equipped with all the benefits of the hemp plant but it doesn’t have any intoxication effects of marijuana. This is the reason many pet owners are relying on CBD oil for improving their pet’s conditions. If you’re looking for some nutritional options for your dog, find the best Healthy Dog Treats here.

How does CBD interact with the pet’s body?

CBD interacts with the body through the endocannabinoid system or the ECS. The ECS is found in all mammals and it is a biological system that regulates various natural processes like sleep, memory, immune response, mood, and others. The system consists of CB1 and CB2 receptors which interact with the endocannabinoids that are produced by the brain naturally.

The CB1 and CB2 receptors also interact with CBD and other plant-derived cannabinoids which produce beneficial responses in the body. There are some studies and experiments done on rats and other lab animals and some clinical trials on humans which prove that the effects of CBD are similar in most mammals including humans, cats, dogs, and other pets. This is because the endocannabinoid systems of all the mammals are the same and they function in a similar way. Also, there are many diseases and behaviors such as pain, anxiety, stress, arthritis, and convulsions that occur in the same way in humans as in other mammals.

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What are the benefits of CBD oil for pets?

Did you know that the CBD oil that you have been using to ease your pain and discomfort has the same benefits for your pet? CBD is equipped with magical ingredients and it has powerful healing qualities. There are many animal-specific ailments that you can heal using CBD. CBD has some solid scientific research backing for various medical conditions, and the benefits include:

It is not psychoactive:

The best thing about giving CBD oil to your pet is that your pet won’t get high. CBD is free from that feeling that affects the state of consciousness of a living being. On the other hand, marijuana causes intoxication and is psychoactive, thus it can leave your pet dizzy and unconscious after administration. CBD oil is thus ideal if you want your pet to maintain an active and relaxed state of mind.

It reduces pet anxiety:

You might have noticed that your pet gets stressed out whenever it is left alone or meets a stranger. This is called pet anxiety, and it gets triggered especially when the pet is separated from the owner, meets a stranger, or hears a loud noise. This anxiety can also have long-lasting effects and can have a negative impact on the mental state of your pet. CBD oil can control the heightened stress levels in your pet and make it calmer and confident.

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It relieves pain:

CBD oil has been found to be very effective in reducing pain and inflammation. It is now considered a popular remedy for treating chronic pain in humans and pets. The troublesome thing about pain in pets is that the pet can’t locate the area of pain and just show signs of discomfort. CBD oil can help in this situation by reducing inflammation and pain in any part of the body. This is because CBD is equipped with anti-inflammatory properties and can help manage inflammatory bowel disease, hip dysplasia, arthritis, pancreatic, and auto-immune diseases.

It can decrease nausea and improve appetite:

CBD increases appetite and promotes healthy eating habits in pets. It also helps in dealing with the loss of hunger, which is mostly caused due to nausea. Various symptoms such as nausea-related vomiting can be dealt with effectively using CBD oil. If your pet is eating properly, it will be more energetic and strong enough to fight other illnesses.

CBD is most effective in oil form:

There are various methods of CBD administration, but the best one is CBD oil for pets. As compared to edibles, CBD oil is much easier to dose and it stays in the blood for a longer period too. CBD in other forms can be difficult to be measured and thus it gets tricky to calculate how much CBD is administered to the pet. With CBD oil, you can do precise measurements so that your pet gets the right dosage for treating a particular condition.

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