How to Choose Bridal Jewellery That Matches Your Bridal Outfit

bridal jewellery

When choosing the bridal jewellery, make sure to complement it with your wedding dress. Similarly, you don’t need to go overboard with your choices. Remember, accessories can make or break your complete bridal look. Though there’s no thumb rule to follow, you can always pick the right jewellery that doesn’t take the attention away from your dress.

The idea is to balance every element of your attire with perfect enhancements. If you are clueless about how to do that, here is a guide to help every wannabe bride.

Complement the Colour

You will find numerous resources discussing the merits of matching your jewellery with your outfit’s colour. Generally, yellow gold works best with champagne and ivory shades, white gold suits the perfect white, and rose-gold complements blush.

Some brides prefer matching their engagement ring with the rest of the bridal accessories. It’s a good start, but you don’t have to follow it completely. Complementing your outfit is more important to look radiant and beautiful.

No Need to Go Overboard

In bridal jewellery shopping, less can be more. Accessories can change the look of your wedding gown. If you choose a minimal slip gown, it gives you the scope to choose stylish jewellery and accessories like a beaded belt, fresh flower crown, and a delicate headband.

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If you choose a delicate gown with embellished details, match your headpiece and belt with subtle patterns. This will balance your looks.

Match the Jewellery to Your Neckline

The décolletage of your wedding gown frames your face beautifully. You don’t want to negate the effect by choosing the wrong jewellery. So, match your jewellery to your dress’s neckline. If you go for a strapless or sweetheart neckline, you can bring more focus to your smile with a choker or short necklace.

You may even ditch the necklace and sport statement chandelier earrings with this neckline. Also, tie your hair in a stylish bun and add some fresh flowers or feather barrettes for a classic style.

On the other hand, if your gown or dress has a V-neck, choose a pendant or choker. Pair it with small or dangling earrings. For halter neck or reverse halter necklines, decorate your hair with embellished combs, vines, and pins. Bejewelled or floral headpieces will do justice to your outfit.

Choose According to the Outfit’s Details

The type of work or design on your wedding outfit is an ideal start to pick the right bridal jewellery. Remember, jewellery has to be the supporting cast for your entire look. For example, if you have a simple gown, statement earrings and necklace can transform it from vintage classic to modern.

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For an embellished gown, there is no need to invest in several pieces. A single sparkling ring or bracelet will be enough. If your dress has many beading, laces, or fringes, don’t pick heavy jewellery to alter these stunning details.

Most importantly, choose the dress and accessories that suit your personality and preferences. Your wedding outfit should reflect your style. So, if your statement necklace is not comfortable, go for a simple chain with a dainty pendant. Add the alluring finishing touches in a way that they complement your natural features.

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