How to Choose Your Wedding Menu: 7 Tips

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Now that you’ve chosen your wedding date, contacted wedding professionals and visited your top venues, it’s necessary to study how to select your wedding food. While there will be many details to organize for your special day, you want to choose your wedding food. It’s an essential component of your reception, yet many couples often ignore it.

1.      Think About Your Guests

Even though it’s your and your partner’s special day, consider your guests’ interests. For instance, ask your guests to select their preferred dish on their RSVP for a buffet or multiple serving stations.

Create a list of the crowd-pleasers that are most in demand. Even though it’s not required, it’s considerate to let your guests pick certain items from the menu. Inquire about any dietary restrictions as well.

You should give this information to your caterer as soon as you can. Managing your guests’ expectations is essential if you choose a more expensive and formal tone. Provide them with a few choices, but don’t feel obligated to appease everyone.

2.       Examine Current Trends

Couples today want to deviate from the norm and add something new. Thus, the trend is ideal for brides who want to add a touch of modernity to their meal. Use your imagination to the fullest! You’re under no obligation to keep to customary menus.

Think creatively when upgrading classics and give everyone’s favorites a fresh look. For instance, festival cuisine, a special afternoon tea, or gourmet burritos. With little plates, you could also include a wine tasting.

This advice is also useful if you want to create an artistic presentation for your menu or make it more aesthetically pleasant.


3.      Seasonal Menu

Seasonal Menu

Consider the time of year you’re getting married while choosing your wedding cuisine as another top advice. You’ll have access to various items according to the time of year you’re saying “I do.”

And choose from three seasonal salads that you can consume in the summer or how much root vegetables and squash you can consume in the winter. Your choice will be aided by knowing this. For instance, lighter fare like crisp salads, chicken, and fish will complement the warmth of summer.

 In contrast, winter is the greatest season for rich soups and roasts. Additionally, you’ll ensure that your menu is environmentally beneficial by choosing items that are in season and produced locally.

4.      Consider the Setting

Is there anything you can add to your wedding food to surprise your out-of-town guests? Similar to this, couples must think about where they will get married. First, consider the most well-liked local dishes in the location you’re whisking your guests away to for your wedding.

Another choice is to create fusion dishes that combine your native food and the cuisine of the international setting. Find out whether any nearby farms can supply the necessary ingredients. In this manner, your wedding will promote environmentally friendly farming!

Second, consider the setting. Do you prefer a formal lunch or a fun family barbecue? Additionally, will your wedding be held inside or outside? If it’s outdoors, discuss any potential issues with your caterer.

5.       Budget is Key

Setting your budget is the first step in arranging the meal for your wedding. Decide the average amount you are willing to invest per visitor.

You must consider the quantity of visitors, any unique elements you wish to incorporate, and the serving method. The golden corral prices of different fashions will vary. So, if you need to maintain a low budget, be flexible. For instance, plated menus will demand waiters, increasing expenses.

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A communal table will be less expensive. Additionally, be open and truthful when discussing your ultimate budget. Your caterer will provide you options based on your preferences, even if it’s low. For instance, serving platters in place of an entree or a plated wedding cake in place of the dessert course.

6.      Look for Inspiration

Many couples need clarification on where to start when they sit down to discuss their menu with their caterer. So don’t worry if you don’t already have a clear idea of what your ideal menu will look like. There are many different ways to find inspiration! Consider a style that you might enjoy first.

For instance, a historical era, a subject, or a movie you both adore. Consider your heritage if you want to emphasize your roots in a different culture. Analyzing your relationship in the past is an additional choice.

Is there a favorite spot you both genuinely loved going to? Even your menu can convey a story if it refers to memorable occasions.

7.      Ask for Tasting Sessions

Trying the food you select is one of the nicest aspects of choosing your menu. Start by limiting your options for caterers and serving types. Then, be careful to schedule tasting occasions. Some caterers include tastings as part of their menu packages.

Others might charge more. But keep in mind that it’s necessary to try foods before spending so much. On your particular day, you must be content with everything. To save you money, see whether the caterers will be at a nearby festival or wedding fair.

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