How To Learn 10x Faster Than Others

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Learning a new skill or information is important in life. But learning takes time. Don’t you wish there’s a way for you to learn faster? If you want to know how to learn 10x faster than others, then this article will be very useful to you. Below are some tips on how to speed up the learning process.

Say things aloud

A good part of learning is remembering information. One memory trick that you can try is to say aloud information that you are trying to learn. Studies have shown that speaking is a powerful mechanism for boosting memory. This is because people tend to learn more from active involvement. When you say things aloud, you’re actively involved in the things you are trying to learn. Of course, this method is not recommended if you’re trying to study in a library where being silent is required. But you can try it at home. Say, you’re trying to learn a new theory or principle, what you can do is to read the source text aloud. When you say a word aloud, it becomes a part of your long-term memory. This is the explanation given by scientists. This is a very easy trick to do and one that requires very little effort.

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Use a pen and paper

People have been spoiled by the convenience that modern devices bring. It’s now very easy to take notes, for example, if you are in class. Most students simply take a picture of the whiteboard. While some like to type in their notes using their devices. But according to experts, it’s still better to use a pen and paper to take notes. By writing your notes by hand, you’ll be able to remember the information better. Note-taking by hand enhances both comprehension and retention of information. The reason why is because when you take down notes by hand, you’re putting things down in your own words. By doing that, you’ll remember things better. Again, this has something to do with active involvement during studying instead of simply being a passive recipient of information. So the next time you’re in class, leave your gadgets in your bag.

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Test yourself

You should test yourself often if you want to learn faster than other people. According to studies, testing oneself is a very effective method of studying. And it doesn’t matter if you perform poorly at the test at first, you’ll eventually be able to learn from your mistakes. And learning by experience is the best way to learn. Testing yourself can also speed up the learning process. When you commit mistakes in your self-tests, you’ll be able to remember things that you didn’t remember the first time. There are many ways to test yourself. If you are trying to learn a new concept, for example, you can try to explain it using your own words. You can do this through recitation or by writing. If you’re trying to learn a new skill, then you can test yourself by performing the skill without looking at any source.

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