How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Small Room

If you live in the classic British three bed semi, you’ll be all too familiar with the annoying third bedroom that you can’t do a lot with. If it’s not used for the bedroom for the unlucky sibling or a small office, it’s used as a dumping ground for hanging the washing in winter. This is usually because it’s the spare room and we would rather spend our money on other parts of the house. However there’s no reason it can be as enjoyable as other rooms in the house, so here’s how to make use of your small bedroom…


Colours are really important, but especially when we’re trying to make something look bigger than it is. The first rule is to keep things as simple and minimalistic as possible. Dark colours tend to take away from space, which is the last thing you want. Using light colours will give the room more depth and make it bright and airy, giving the illusion of more space. White is always a faultless option and pastels work nicely if you want a pop of colour, but still sticking to the all important bright rule

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Utilise Storage Space

The may sound completely obvious, but it’s actually not that easy to do. Storage boxes under the bed, install small shelves, make sure you fill cupboards and drawers. It’s true that you’re simply not going to get as much stuff in your small room, but there’s ways you can make full use of it. Do not have any unnecessary clutter either, this is important anywhere but especially in the small room! Place the TV on the wall to save floor space, the thinner the TV the better too!

Don’t fill surface space

It’s no secret that ornaments make your room appear more cluttered, and they look outdated and collect dust! Let the room be clear of these bits, it will add to the space. If you do like a bit of decoration, then opt for larger fewer pieces than lots of little bits. This rule works with art work too, but we would generally recommend not filling up all the wall space too much. We know this is easier said than done, but it will make the difference.

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This is a really good tip and not one a lot of people know about. Lighting is so important, most especially when you’re looking to make a room feel bigger than it actually is. Keep the room as light as possible, which means don’t have anything that’s going to take away from the natural light. Therefore, the type of blinds you have will matter and don’t have heavy dark curtains! Spotlights are a great idea, as they don’t take up any space and are super bright with you being able to have a few dotted around the room! This is ideal as you want to be trying to light up every corner of your small room, again giving the illusion of more space! You cam also show off the gorgeous solid wood flooring you have, or fashionable luxury vinyl tiles…

Small Room

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