RumbleTalk Chat: The easiest way to moderate your event’s group chat room

RumbleTalk Chat

If you’ve ever been to a webinar, then you know that most of the time is spent with speakers talking about their product or service – which can get pretty boring for an audience.A virtual event chat platform makes it possible for your event attendees and presenters to communicate in real-time via an online chatroom – so there’s no more sitting around listening to programs. You’re an active participant in the discussion instead.

Check out this innovative chat platform, RumbleTalk Chat, and give your next online event some real-time interaction and valuable engagement!

What is a virtual event chat and why is it a good investment?

Virtual event chat is an online real-time communication tool that allows people to connect who are both in different time zones and around the world. RumbleTalk provides features such as private or public chat rooms where users can exchange ideas in real-time, making it possible for business owners to explore new avenues of marketing without ever having to leave their desks. In addition, smartly-designed engagement tools such as polls make the most out of your chat rooms.Whatever type of business you run – whether it’s a website embedded with chats, a hybrid event, or a private community – there will be a variety of chats to choose from when using RumbleTalk.

Key features of RumbleTalk

1.6 Chat types to choose from – You can switch between different chat types depending on what you need at the time. Check out how each type of chat works below.

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2.Screen messages before it goes live – Approve or reject messages before they go into the chat box, perfect for hosting Q&A sessions with an event speaker.

3.Other Admin features – Slow down the chat, mute users, ban profanity, disconnect spammers,and export the chat transcript.

4.Collaboration tools – Enjoy multimedia file sharing, one-on-one video and audio calls(WebRTC Technology), polls, and more.

5.Chat customization – Using the simple drag and drop design tab, or develop your own CSScode to alter the appearance of chatrooms. Customize the number of rooms, admins, and participants based on your plan so that you’re never bored again!

6.RumbleTalk Chat Pages – If you don’t have your own domain name, build an event minisite for free using RumbleTalk Pages.

7.Automatic Log-In – Integrate the users of your chat software with the Login SDK feature. With this, your users will be automatically logged in to your chat room as soon as they visit your.


8.Restful API for easy integration –Embed this chat platform on your website using our integrations, add-ons, and plugins. RumbleTalk is available for YouTube, WordPress, Wix,Joomla, Angular, and React.

9.Multilingual Chat Rooms– RumbleTalk supports 36 languages that you can use, and change,in real-time.

10.Multiple Rooms – Create any number of rooms perfect for hosting different types of sessions including breakout meetings, consultations, lectures, and more.

6 Chat Types to meet every need

RumbleTalk offers 6 different chat types which you can interchange at any time. Here’s what youcan do with each of them:

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1.Social Chat – public group chats where anyone is free to join the conversation Use it for: As a community chat on a marketplace site, fan page, or online events

2.Private Chats – one-on-one chats between users Use it for: As a one-on-one chat for networking and dating sites

3.Expert’s Chat – one-on-one chat where only the admin can start a conversation with any user Use it for: As a one-on-one chat for healthcare consultations, private tutoring, and job interviews

4.Moderated Queued Chat – public group chats with an administrator that can screen messages before it goes live Use it for: As a moderated chat room for huge events with thousands of attendees, Q&Asessions with a speaker, and online classes

5.Member’s Chat – private group chat exclusively to your members only Use it for: Stock trading groups, private communities, VIP membership sites

An affordable chat platform to boost your online engagement

No matter what industry you are in, RumbleTalk will make creating lasting engagement easy for your virtual events. With this platform, we’ve built an interface that doesn’t discriminate between types of gatherings – from hiring professionals to providing medical assistance or hosting a webinar. Want to level up your website or event? Create your free account at, you can even request a free demo from their friendly team at [email protected].

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