Stylish Bathroom Renovation Ideas For Home

Bathroom Renovation

People have been diluting their bath water with questionable substances for centuries, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take your bathroom to the next level. From creating a calming and soothing spa-like atmosphere, to merging a few traditional styles of design into one cohesive whole, these ideas will change the way you use your bathroom and all while keeping it at home.

Creating a Relaxing Bathroom

While many people like to hang out in the bath, there are a lot of people who feel cheated out of their time and space by all the clutter that can accumulate in the bathroom, especially if you live in a small house.  One way to prevent this is to create an open and airy atmosphere with minimal furniture and concentrating on what really matters to you. This isn’t always possible, but for the times when it is, there are some easy ways to make your bathroom feel more open than before.  To start with, fit as much glass into your bathroom as possible.  It not only brightens up the entire space, but it also allows for a complete transition from the outside and inside.

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Some people are quite aware of how lucky they are to have a bathroom at all, so they don’t put as much care into it as they do with the rest of their house. However, bathroom vanity manufacturers say it doesn’t take a lot to make your bathroom feel like a luxury retreat.

Instead of keeping your bath or shower in the corner, move it in the centre of the room and replace regular shower curtains with fixed glass panels.  If you have any spare space, install a standalone tub that’s connected to the wall and fill it with candles and soothing music just to add that finishing touch.

While all bathrooms may have a classical faucet or not, many people feel that the aesthetic is a little dated. Many of these fixtures are bold, geometric shapes that seem out of place in 2017, but there are some bathroom accessories manufacturers in India who have combined the styles in one space. Apart from the fact that they fit perfectly into the architecture of their original home and create an airy atmosphere, they look beautiful and give off a feeling of opulence. If that wasn’t enough of a twist, the low-level bathtubs are rectangular and heated. It’s not something that you can introduce into every home, but it’s certainly something to aspire to.

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If you’re prepared to do some Work, you get a bathtub attached to the wall

While many people like the idea of relaxing in a warm bubble bath or taking a hot shower, getting in and out can be difficult and painful.  In particular, if you live in a small house with narrow corridors filled with various metal objects such as coat hangers or shoes, getting in and out of your tub will be almost impossible.

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