Playing golf is not limited by age; even the elderly in society can play golf with the right gear. Warmer weather conditions make the perfect environment for playing golf. Golf polo shirts are ideal casual wear and the attire for the green golf course. In the past, the golf apparel was knee socks and wool tweeds. Nowadays, athletic shorts and shoes have replaced conventional attire. There are multiple golf polos that you can choose from three-button polo shirts to short-sleeved polos. The type of polo that golfers wear depends on the body build-up of the player and personal likes. Trendy players may want to match their golf shirts with their golf shoes, while some clubs may restrict players from wearing collared shirts during a hot day. Although, Embroidered Polo Shirts are much in trend amongst many golf players as they look classy and luxurious, which is alluring at sight. I will now take you through some of the stylist golf shirts for men.

William Murray golf

William Murray golf apparel just made inroads in the golf course arena not so long ago. As it is popularly known, the Jamaican me drink polo is a mixture of spandex and polyester. The brand is famous for its wrinkle resistance and moisture-wicking capabilities.

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Ahead of USA golfoholics

Golfers believe that there is a relationship between golf and alcohol. It happens that there is a prize of a cocktail after every round of playing golf. The United States came up with golf apparel that continues to gain immense popularity in this industry.

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Sun mountain rainwear

Sun mountain rainwear does not get a lot of support from polo wearers because they believe it is not part of the polo family. The apparel design is for the rainy season. Golfing must continue without interruption from the rain.


Another great brand of golf polo that also designs other sports kits is the Mizuno. This apparel brand ensures that the fabric is compatible with your physique and that it can wick moisture from your body, keeping players cool and dry.


Millennial players are casual and trendy. Linksoul came up with a golf polo that is simple and casual so that players in the millennial age do not feel too formal. Young players prefer Linksoul regalia, which does not make them look like their dads while wearing conventional polo shirts.

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Glenmuir golf regalia is currently branded with the Ryder cup battle logo. The pride in its hundred percent polyester fabric with a herringbone stitch at the sleeves and collar.

Antigua golf

Most golf apparel manufacturers design polo shirts for long and lean physique players and forget about those with enormous bodies. Antigua has come with a solution, and even the colossal bodied golfers can get polos of their sizes.

golf shirt

Loudmouth golf

Loudmouth products come with bright colors and aggressive prints on them. Players who like attracting attention not only for their style of play but for their attire are in love with this brand.

Galway Bay

Golf and it’s polo shirts have a deep relationship with the sea, sand, and sun. It is also worth noting that golf was invented for cold and humid weather play. Galway came up with an all-weather attire for achieving this sole purpose.

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