Technologies to Help Your Brokerage Firm Go Paperless

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Going paperless does not have to be frightening for the brokerage firms. While there might be a little bit of anxiety in the process, but also there is a lot of support available, which you can take and go paperless. Like you can adopt our eSign Genie’s online signatures software for eSign documents In a record time.

By eliminating paper from your brokerage firm, all those processes that rely on paper have to change. This means your business will no longer send invoices or bills through the post office. Every document will be sent electronically.

All of your essential documents will be stored electronically and will be easy to access. Even the process of obtaining signatures from clients should be changed. Fortunately, there are several technologies that are helping businesses to go paperless.

Technologies that can help your brokerage firm to go paperless

Here are the top technologies:

Digital Signatures

Online signature maker or eSign documents are the essential products to get rid of paper waste. Every brokerage firm usually has a lot of transactions, but still, some are using handwritten signatures that have stopped several organizations from going paperless.

Fortunately, the digital signature technology has evolved in the past few years. However, these eSign documents are more secure and safe as compared to the traditional handwritten signatures.

But, always keep in mind that never trust any digital signature maker service as secure, because there are several services on the internet that does not offer effective security measures. So, you must check all the essential aspects before choosing a digital signature provider.


A document scanner is another great asset for your brokerage firm to go paperless. With a document scanner like a free fax app for iOS, all the paper files can be created into digital documents, which are very easy to store, find, and share.

The scanning technology converts words on the paper into searchable text. Filing cabinets and storage rooms are a thing of a past. Your time is saved, as all the hassles for searching and filing documents will be gone.

Search tools are built into the scanning technology that makes it easier for everyone to search and retrieve documents instantly, which saves everyone’s time. It is also easier to route documents, as everything will be electronically automated once the paper is turned into a digital file.

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You can scan one document at a time or several at once, and it’s your choice. Scanning document to a digital paper to sign documents online is one of those ways that make a more productive business. This can turn your workplace into a more smart and efficient office too.

Organizational Apps

Mobile devices and tablets are significant assets for brokerage firms to go paperless. Not only it will reduce paper waste, but it will be more productive as compared to the paper products. For example, a calendar application is not only for recording meetings, but it also notifies about your upcoming notifications.

There are several apps and software that can help a business to save time and money. Nowadays, there are limitless possibilities; you can easily find an app for anything.

Benefits of Going Paperless

There are several great benefits of going paperless for your brokerage firm. Here are some of them:

Saves Time

Time spent on searching, organizing, and filing documents is the time that can be spent on some other productive tasks. Digital documents are more comfortable to store; all of your essential documents are well-organized in a digital filing cabinet.

With this, your employees can locate several files with a single click, much more quickly than searching documents in a dusty filing cabinet. Employees can utilize their time on more productive projects.

Saves Space

Paper files and documents consume a lot of space, as well as the filing cabinets. Digital files allow you to store all the documents on a particular server or in the cloud storage. It requires much less space as compared to physical records archive.

It is particularly beneficial for those businesses that have long retention periods for paper products, like the financial firm.

Save Money

Going digital enhances the process efficiency, which ultimately saves you money. Paperless organizations can process a significant volume of paperwork as compared to other traditional workplaces in the same amount of time.

Digitalization reduces money spent on ink, printers, paper, and office space for documents, and employees time to manage that paperwork. The time saved can become more valuable to conduct high-priority tasks.

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Eases Transfer of Information

Document management technology provides a straightforward process to save the documents. This technology easily converts paper documents into digital files using scanners. There are several great applications like, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office that have integrated document management system, which allow you to file the document with a single click.

Environmental Friendly

Producing paper products produce greenhouse gases, which cause global warming and deforestation. Recycling these products can reduce some of the environmental impacts, but not on a high level. Most of the paper products usually end up in a dump.

Although toners and ink contain non-renewable substances and volatile compounds that are harmful to the environment. So, it is much more helpful to reduce the use of paper by switching to a paperless organization.

Increases Security

Physical documents can get destroyed, misfiled, or lost without anyone noticing. It is also hard to monitor the copying, printing, and access to the sensitive files. On the other hand, the digital management system has advanced security abilities that can tackle all the challenges.

You can set up specific access rights, which built permissions at the document level, system level, or user level. You can select who can gain access to the stored files and documents.

The security advantages of the paperless organization go way beyond the access rights. Implementing effective security management system also allows the business to leverage digital signatures, create audit trails, redact confidential information, and more.


The advancement in technology has replaced the paper processes that it is hard to remember how the things were done earlier. The evolution of paper-based products to digital services is profoundly more efficient.

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