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Emporio Armani

It’s in the past when watches were appraised as a time-telling machine. These days, watches are a significant part of a person’s style statement. Individuals wear them not just to keep the time but also to look exquisite. Indeed, wearing a chic and sporty watch like Emporio Armani can make you look appealing without a doubt.

The brand Armani has been known for several years with a sophistication that’s craved by many everywhere. The Emporio Armani brand can help you seize a deluxe fashion line while still uncovering affordable and fashionable products when it comes to elegant watches. And wearing one adds oomph to a man’s personality. Here are the top five Armani watches.

1.    Hybrid Smartwatch

First on the list is Emporio Armani – Hybrid Smartwatch. This particular watch is the company’s introduction into smartwatches. As a hybrid, it’s appealing and fashionable with the serviceable technology qualities of a smartwatch. The Hybrid Smartwatch is accessible to Android and Apple smartphones and is synced into your device wirelessly.

This sophisticated watch is always precise as it automatically turns time, date, and time zone when traveling. It even has a second-time location. Moreover, it allows users with smartphone notifications, sleep tracking, and activity tracking technology. You can alter messages and take photos with just a push button.

This watch features a blue surface dial with silver-tone indexes and is made of a stainless steel case and bezel: the black skin strap and gunmetal holder complete the rage. A sundial displays the date and monitors your goals. Plus, the watch never needs to charge as it is designed with a lithium-ion coin cell battery. And it’s water-resistant up to 100 feet?

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2.    Emporio Armani – Men’s Smartwatch 2

This digital smartwatch gives tons of functionality as Wear OS powers it by Google. This watch offers a heart rate tracking operating Google fit that regularly monitors heart rate over various workouts; Google plays feature, smartphone notifications brought to your look, and a GPS.

It also has Google Assistant and a microphone, providing users with voice-activated assistance and hearing the answers through the speaker. There’s also music storage and power right on the watch, together with touchscreen functionality, alarm settings, different kinds of timezones, custom goal, and customizable watch faces.

It’s accessible with iOS 9.3+ and Android 4.4+ smartphones and has wifi technology and Bluetooth devices. Users can charge their watch for just an hour with the rapid charge, which has an estimated battery life of 24hrs. It’s also water-resistant to 165 feet. However, this watch is not intended for snorkeling or diving.

3.    Men’s 3 Hand Classic

This is for people who are looking for a basic watch without the wearable technology of a smartwatch. It’s a disk-shaped, analog watch with a satiny black dial. It has the logo Emporio Armani trademark emblem at noon and a time window at 6 o’clock. This Men’s 3 Hand Classic watch’s hands are a fashionable sword shape.

This watch is designed in the watch collection, which indicates it has a clear dial statement and a glossy, contemporary aesthetic. The quartz technology holds incredible time, and the black-skinned band accessories the look. Plus, it’s also water-resistant to 165ft. That’s better for swimming, not for snorkeling and diving.

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4.    Men’s Dress Silver

This specific watch’s case is made of stainless steel with a black dial and a date window. The said stainless steel strap adjusts in length by having the loops extracted. The quartz movement and chronograph movement hold the unique dial. It’s also water-resistant to 165 ft. Men’s Dress Silver is an essential watch with a chronograph function.

Why Emporio Armani?

Emporio Armani watches are timeless and classy, and every piece of their eye comes with its unique design. The trademark itself is adequate to earn envied looks as they are a subject of everybody’s envy. There are hundreds of methods, and they always make sure that you can wear one for every outfit or occasion.

What Are They Made?

They don’t produce their watches but supervise the design, and then The Fossil Group is responsible for the distribution and production. They were built in Hongkong and Southern China. The Fossil Group also moved to Switzerland and operated some design, movement-assembly, prototyping, etc., for their many lines in facilities there.


Whether you’re a man or a woman, you can always enhance your personality by just wearing an Emporio Armani watch. They bring together traditional elegance and luxury with contemporary functionality. Users can always pick from a basic but fashionable or a smartwatch. Plus, all collections are at hand in all budget ranges.

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