Top 4 PC Monitoring Apps – 2020

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Are you familiar with PC monitoring apps that you can craft a book about this incredible technology or you are just getting started and looking for a comprehensive guide that can provide you information about how the tool operates?

All the business owners who are concerned about the success of their company should invest money in the PC monitoring app. The software can help you track the performance of your workers and enhance the productivity of your organization. You can also save your company-owned devices from the virus and hacking attacks, and malicious files.

There are lots of developers who offer business-friendly PC tracking tools that you can purchase and install on your company-devices. In this model, we are going to give you information about the best-selling computer monitoring software and their pros and cons.

1.     TheOneSpy

It is one of the most reliable and advanced tracking tools for smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops. The best thing about it is that it works remotely and secretly. It permits you to listen to all the nearby voices and conversations, detect location, live screen recording, and view what your children or workers are doing on their devices.

You will be able to check the internet history of your employees or loved ones to know what kind of websites and webpages they explore. It sends all the tracked data to the web control panel that you can access whenever you want.

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  • A perfect option for people who wish to monitor digital actions of their team and loved ones
  • Compatible with all digital devices
  • Captures screenshots and sends them to the web control panel


  • No internet filters
  • The control panel can be accessed only from Mac or Windows PC

2.     ActiveTrak

ActiveTrak is an incredible PC tracking software that gives you an opportunity to monitor more than one PCs remotely. It provides you live status of all the computers and generates detailed reports about productive and unproductive hours. You can capture screenshots of the activities of your workers or kids to get to know about what they are doing or watching on their computers in real-time.

With its productivity screen feature, you will be able to assess your staffs’ performance based on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. It creates a list of all the workers who perform their official duties honestly and do not waste time.


  • Gives accurate information about the activities of the users
  • Allows you to block inappropriate websites and popups
  • It is free for 3 users
  • User-friendly interface and easy to install


  • Reports are offered in the form of charts and pie charts; many users do not understand them.
  • Price is very high, and the tool does not capture keystrokes.

3.     Flexispy

It is a great tool that does not only support computer systems but cell phones and tablets also. You can take advantage of it to track the activities of your staff members by recording audio and video communication. It is the best employee spying software, so employers can deploy it on all company-owned devices to recognize their productive or unproductive employees.

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  • Produces detailed call and text messages report
  • Captures live pictures from the camera and record live audio and video conversations
  • Records data and sends it to the administrator


  • Cannot block unwanted mobile numbers
  • Cannot eliminate your call details
  • Best for smartphones instead of PCs

4.     SurveilStar

This spy software empowers organizations to track personnel communication activities. It is great at detecting internal dangers, enhancing productivity, and granting you control of network operations remotely. It works with all the popular web browsers and has a user-friendly interface.

You can check the digital acts of your loved ones and workers and block the inappropriate content. By taking screenshots of screens, you can get to know about what your targeted person is doing.


  • Guarantees all the ambiguities on the internet and digital devices are sealed
  • Track all the exchanged IM messages with an accurate time schedule
  • Allows you to block some chats and specific phone numbers


  • Not very popular
  • Per license price scale is unclear

If you are looking for a multi-purpose software that permits you to monitor your employees and loved ones, go for TheOneSpy PC monitoring app. It has numerous incredible features that can give you full control and peace of mind at the same time.

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