Top 5 Things To Consider Before Selecting A Coworking Space in Melbourne

coworking space in Melbourne

Melbourne is the most populated city in the Australian state of Victoria. The most recent population statistics revealed that there are 4.9 million residents who call the city their home. These residents have the privilege of living near the top tourists’ attractions in the state, like the Federation Square, Queen Victoria Market, and the Melbourne Zoo.

Aside from these beautiful attractions, they also have more opportunity to get employment in some of the biggest companies in the country. Major companies like the Coles Group, Billiton, and CSL have headquarters in the city. Its ICT industry also offers plenty of job opportunities for Melburnians. These companies hold offices in big buildings all over Melbourne. Some startups also occupy coworking space in Melbourne to provide work for freelancers living in the city.

For those who enjoy the freedom of working as freelancers in Melbourne, finding the best coworking space can help them accomplish their tasks comfortably. Here are several tips to help them look for a good coworking space Melbourne has to offer.


One of the most crucial factors that freelancers need to consider when looking for a coworking space in Melbourne is the location. It must be easily accessible via different public transport options like trains and buses.

It will also help if the facility is located near dining establishments, shops, libraries, or cafes. Finding a coworking space near their residence also works well for those who want the advantage of having a place to work without the need to commute all the time.

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Office Amenities 

Most of the time, the coworking spaces provide basic office equipment for their tenants. It includes standard work desks, chairs, conference rooms, high-speed internet access, and pantries. Yet it will also help if the facility also offers added perks like projectors, whiteboards, and printing services.

Some coworking facilities also offer amenities for the convenience of their tenants, like bike storage space, in-house cafe and restaurant, and conducive lounge spaces. All these features can help encourage the worker’s productivity while spending time inside the collaborative areas of the facility.

Calming Atmosphere 

Melbourne is popular for being a highly urbanised city. But most corporate establishments still make sure to incorporate greeneries in their interior design for aesthetic and functional reasons.

When looking for an ideal coworking space in the city, remote workers must find one that has plenty of indoor plants and ambient light. These factors can encourage creativity and boost productivity. As a bonus, the plants can also reduce the noise levels inside a room as well as improve the air quality indoors.

Room For Socialisation

While most freelancers work on their own, they can take advantage of various community events organised by coworking spaces. These occasions allow them to meet professionals from other fields to expand their network.

Some of the common weekly events in coworking facilities include talks from renowned investors and influential people from different industries. Others conduct fun events that break the monotony from their usual grind.

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Flexible Terms

Perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when looking for a coworking space is the flexibility that the facility can provide for any freelancer.

A recent survey claimed that 80% of employees agreed that they could be more productive if they have the opportunity to change locations from time to time. They also want flexible working conditions like having varied working hours. These workers can ask for flexible plans that can let them use the facilities without tying them up to a specific program.

Finding the ideal coworking space in Melbourne will benefit all freelancers and remote workers who want to fulfil all their duties without the need for long-term rental of office space. It provides them with the freedom to move around while finishing their jobs and pay for the space based on their needs. As a result, they can focus on working on their tasks properly and more efficiently.

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