Top Makeup Mistakes that Every Woman Must Know

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It usually takes a lot of experimentation for women and almost the whole of the twenties to get the makeup right. Even after spending hours and hours in front of the mirror, there will be days when you might not be satisfied with the final look. A lot of times, we take refuge on the internet. However, the problem is the internet is full of choices that it may get overwhelming at times. From the mulberry obsession of Rihanna to the bronzed cheek look of JLo, you might want to try it all. But the ground reality is not every trend is for you. So, here is a few makeup faux pas that you must avoid at all costs. Let us take a look at them one by one.

Washing your face more than necessary

Washing or cleansing your face is certainly the first step that we all follow in makeup. However, the fact of the matter is different women have different skin texture and type. Moreover, our skin undergoes several changes as we age. If you ever apply foundation and see a super flaky or dry skin, you know it is a sign that you should stop washing your face too much. Ideally, every woman should wash her face twice a day, says Diana, a makeup and beauty fanatic who works with TFTH. Yes, once in the morning while you shower and once before you sleep is good enough. You can opt for a mild and a very gentle cleanser. The skin releases natural oils, which can do wonders for you without any
interference of soap.


Putting on makeup on a dry skin

One of the biggest makeup mistakes that many people make is applying makeup on dry skin. It can make your skin look tired, old, cracked, and dull. Always remember everything good is built only on a solid foundation, and, in this case, it is a well-moisturized face. Thus, you need to ensure that before the application of makeup, your face is properly hydrated.

Applying makeup in improper lighting

Anytime you have to decide what works for your skin, you need to apply makeup in a natural light setting. If you try any makeup in an unnatural light, you may not be able to judge how something looks on you. So, pick makeup that suits you in the most natural lighting.

Not using the right technique for blending

Makeup is not just dabbing on some eyeshadow and blush. Please remember that even if you put on the most neutral shade, it will look out of place and unnatural if you do not blend it properly. The art of doing makeup like a pro lies in the technique of blending. If the makeup is not blended well, it may look comical and hideous. You can invest in some good beauty blenders or makeup brushes and wash some YouTube blending tutorials before you start.

Incorrect concealer application

The beauty world is divided when it comes to deciding what goes first – the foundation or the concealer, says Natasha, who offers the do my finance homework. However, in our view, it makes more sense to conceal the flaws after the foundation is set. So, we feel the concealer should be the step after the foundation. However, when you follow this, there are two crucial things that you need to bear in mind.

  • Do not apply a lot of product to the targeted area. When you use a lot of concealer on the dark circles, they make you look older. The right way to deal with dark circles is just to put two tiny drops of concealer on the bone just underneath your eye and then blend it. Never apply it directly onto your dark circles. One excellent technique that can be used to cover dark circles is the layering technique. Layering technique is applying a tiny bit of a product over your blemish, letting it dry, and then applying a new layer to it. Do not forget to set it
    with setting powder between the two layers.
  • A lot of women do not follow this rule, but you cannot use one concealer for everything. If you go to a beauty store or search online, you will know that concealers are available in several different colors. Furthermore, every concealer color serves a purpose. The peach- toned concealer will hide the blue marks and is ideal for the dark circles. Green can help you conceal the red. So, when you have blemishes and pimples, you will use a green-colored concealer. Yellow-colored concealer is ideal when you have to even out some area on your skin. After you apply these tinted concealers as the first base, you have to further add to it a layer of neutral concealer that complements your skin tone.
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