Video tools – your new assistants in business

Video tools

Video tools can be your right hand in business. Or rather another pair of hands that saves you time and money.

Video tools, in addition to saving time and money, allow you to do several key things for your marketing, and then the entire business. And all thanks to the power that video has had in recent years, which is growing unstoppably.

Raising awareness of your brand, increasing visibility, the most interesting content, and content that most easily presents and explains and therefore provides useful information and solves the doubts of your clients, and contributes to that final and key decision – the purchase decision.

The greatest value of video tools, as a part of digital marketing that you should use,  lies in the fact that they save you both time and money, because first of all, many tools are either free or have a free trial period, and after that, they do not ask for large sums of money, which again is up to you to choose, according to your capabilities, but also needs, because each platform offers different options. Then the video tools can work on their own, without your supervision, only with your instructions, and at the end, you will have a finished video waiting for you and not one, but hundreds of them, for which you can only give instructions on where to distribute the video tools as well again they do everything themselves.

This does not mean that you will receive thousands of the same videos, but that each video will be tailored to the client or group of clients you are addressing.

Video tools allow one great thing, and that is the ability to personalize your communication with customers, which is achieving much greater success today. Believe it or not, today’s human attention span is shorter than a fish’s, research shows, so no one has time to watch generic videos that don’t have a clearly defined target group.

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Therefore, address each of your customers personally with the help of video tools.

Here are the top 5 video tools we recommend, regardless of whether you run a small or large business, whether you’re just starting out or already very successful:

1. Plainly

Create a template, upload it to Plainly and link it to a data source to create thousands of unique videos, you can even have your After Effects automation done. Very easy to use, Plainly means only template + data source. Graphics and data can be changed and adapted to the person watching the video, which is ideal for a personalized relationship with your customers. Five elements you can change: Text elements, image elements, audio elements, video elements, and color. This platform is free!

2. Rocketium

This platform is also great for beginners, offering to create quality videos using your photos and materials. It offers a great creative automation engine, plus you can change your video formats and adapt it to different communication channels in just a few clicks. It offers you different templates and also the option to implement your custom templates. An important segment is that you can turn various options on or off for your team members and improve their user experience as well. This platform is free!

3. Adobe

This platform also has great user ratings, offers numerous options, and is very flexible. Some claim that this platform is the best for creating longer video formats, say for a website or television. This platform also includes automatic reshaping, against your communication channels where you want to publish the video. This is where automation is brought to near perfection, as this tool automatically analyzes and adjusts until it properly matches your reference point. This platform may require a little more time to master all its options, but it is still a good suggestion for beginners. It is also free but requires a certain payment for more advanced options.

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4. Animaker

This tool may seem the easiest to use, because it is similar to the principle of creation on Instagram, and you are probably familiar with it. With just a few clicks, you can create AI video from different videos and photos, resizing and zooming as you see fit. Interestingly, this tool can help you create different animations, let’s say you give voice to the characters that appear in your video, and then you can easily synchronize the audio and video. The developers of this platform claim that you have a large number of templates that you can choose from, which will help your video to be of high quality and look professional. This platform includes a free plan, so you can organize your needs every month. Access to free options is limited, but you can afford 5 free options.

5. Typito

Another great video software that is not only easy to use but also allows you to place your banner on the video, which adds to the visibility of your brand. This tool is recommended by many because it is economical, the start is free, and the later prices are quite okay for the options you get. Typito offers you thousands of easy-to-use templates. In addition, you have the option of adding tens of thousands of free photos, numerous options for the font, if you insert text, as well as setting the appropriate background. This platform gives you free options for almost all of its features.

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