What is the Meaning of the Dark Green Lightsaber?

dark green lightsaber

Trail of the Republic — This animated series basically acts as a prequel to the Star Wars saga, providing some much needed context for all of our favorite characters. You can stream a few episodes of this show now, with the rest coming in 2021.

The first episode of the new season launched on Friday (September 20th, 2020) and introduced us to a new droid, two new aliens and two new Jedi — none of whom were alive at the time of Rogue One

I’m such a Star Wars nerd. I’ve watched the entire trilogy and Rogue One more than 10 times each. I can also recite almost every line of dialogue from all of them. When I saw the trailer for Solo and there was a dark green lightsaber, I just had to know what that meant.

I researched and found out that dark green represents the villain in Star Wars and white represents the hero  Luke’s Light Saber. But why do villains always have Dark Green Lightsaber and Hero have White Lightsaber?

This is another scenario where we have to use Theory of Constraints (TOC) in a real world example to define why Dark Green lightsabers are representing villains and white are representing heroes.

I assume everyone should know what TOC is if you are reading this through but for those who don’t know — Criteria of Performance or CIP defines what our current bottleneck is(in this case, Darksaber).

There are many uses for dark green lightsabers, but they all have a unique and distinctiveness in terms of what it will do.  If you want a detailed explanation on each colour here’s my description with tips/tricks.

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There’s so much variation within different colors that understanding exactly where some swords come into play can be difficult when trying not only to find commonalities between two blades but also look at subtle differences.

The Jedi use lightsabers to protect themselves and overcome their enemies. Lightsabers are usually green because they’re so pure and clean. However, there was one occasion when a blue lightsaber also existed. But that didn’t last long because of a number of reasons.

The most important question is: what if Luke Skywalker used a dark green lightsaber instead of his red-green one? Would he be stronger or would his enemies win?

There’s no watertight answer for this but it might be problematic for him because the dark green lightsaber attracts more attention from the enemies than any other color. That’s why we don’t see anyone in Jedi history using the Dark Green Lightsaber.

The significance of the color of a lightsaber is no coincidence. In fact, every color holds a specific meaning related to a Jedi’s personality and self-awareness. Although the Jedi Council symbol is not technically made of a lightsaber, it too carries an important meaning and represents the most powerful force in the Force.

They each represent different aspects of the Jedi, but before we can understand them all, we must first understand The Force because without it, a lightsaber is useless. The Force, for those unaware, is a power that exists naturally all around us, and everyone with the potential to use it can become one with the force.


It can be used for good or evil intentions, so most of the time Jedi train their mind and body in order to control the power of the force within them (there are some rare individuals who are born with such power). We must now dive into each color that belongs to this multi-colored phenomenon known as a lightsaber.

The color that most people recognize first is green and also the dueling saber color to understand because its light is able to cut through anything like a fine blade. That’s because it represents nature and natural balance within the universe. This means that when one goes against nature or attempts to use unnatural methods to bend the force, they suffer with enough damage to their organs due to side effects from using such dark powers.

Green also represents growth, harmony, love and how everything within nature has its own role. To understand more about what your green light saber symbolises, here are 4 questions you should ask yourself:

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