What Is Time Management? Everything You Need To Know

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Over the past few years, life has become as fast as a train. If you don’t catch up on things timely, you will probably lose them. But in this superfast, busy, and hectic life we have to take care of things that are important to us.

This article provides complete knowledge and understanding of how to manage your time without letting the fun go away from life!


We all have grown up listening to a few phrases which mention the importance of time. The two most important and life-changing are; ‘the show must go on’ and ‘time flies’ etc.

The first phrase explains that no matter what is happening in your life, whether good or bad, life has to go on. Time never stops for anyone. The second phrase explains that whatever time it is,  it will pass. Nothing stays with us neither the good nor the bad.

Now let’s come to learn time management. Life has become tough for everyone, from a five-year-old school-going kid to a 50-year-old working person. No one has time for themselves, their families, or their other work. Everything has become more chaotic and messy.

To get over these issues one needs to learn good time management so that one can have time for everything.

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Do you ever feel like 24 hours per day is very less? Like managing, life has almost become impossible.

But you have to understand that we all get the exact 24 hours. But why do some people seem to perform better with their time than others?

The answer is good time management.

Time management is the technique of organizing your time in a way that you can give sufficient time to all your activities.

Make a good time management strategy and you will see results in a week. Work smarter, not harder.

Benefits of Good Time Management

If you know how to manage your time, you can unlock many benefits. A few of them are:

  1. Remarkable productivity and efficiency.
  2. Less stress and anxiety
  3. A better reputation, as you are completing all the tasks on time.
  4. High chances of improvement.
  5. More opportunities to attain your life and career goals.

Altogether, you will start feeling managed. You would be more relaxed and confident as all your raks are getting done in time. And this will increase your efficiency.

How Well Do You Manage Your Time?

Let’s start by evaluating your existing method. Ask these questions to yourself: How good are you at organizing your time so that you get the important things done well?

Can you balance your time between various activities?

And when you do make time to do something, are you able to focus?

If you have a positive response to all these questions then it’s a good thing but if not then what? Then it might be your sign to change your schedule.

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Here are 6 rules to manage your time:

Start it right!

Wake up and take a few minutes to sit quietly and gather your thoughts. Remember what’s important to you and prepare yourself. Don’t hurry into things.

Have a strategy for what you desire to achieve.

You need to have a set of sensible goals for what you will be able to do that day.

Break tasks into reasonable units.

Looking at a big task can make you feel stressed and hopeless. And unless you’re careful, it can keep you from doing other things you need to do. So break it up into chewable bites so you know what you’ll get done today, and what you’ll do each day over the coming week.

Plan time for health

This includes having time for meals, exercise, meditation, etc. Before working on other things one should work on things that are important for their body. Take the time to do things that make your life complete.

End each day with a plan for tomorrow

Ending your day with a plan for tomorrow would bring so much peace to your mind. As you will sleep relaxed with a plan for the following day and your mornings will have a kick start. Things are clear in your head. and you will be eager to get going. That’s the opposite of burnout!

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