Which short courses are useful for entrepreneurs?


Most entrepreneurship courses are short programmes, designed to help business owners grow their business. These courses are targeted at students studying business or another related field and aspire to build a start-up someday. Read ahead to find some of the specialised courses based on entrepreneurship.

  • Cloud Computing:

    This is an additional course that will help you to manage your business operations smoothly. More than 80% of companies have switched to cloud-based data storage and management, especially due to the current pandemic situation when work from home is the new normal. There are companies out there that specialize in this, and their hired experts can manage your business information on the cloud, which is highly secure and can be accessed from any location via an internet connection. As it is your business, it does not help for you to remain uneducated and naïve in this field hence learning cloud computing fundamentals can help you to understand the concept and implement it in your business when required.

  • Start-up management

    Utilise the latest growth-hacking techniques to develop your social media marketing strategy and make your business go viral. Through this programme, you will also be able to perfect your pitch, gain knowledge of venture finance and strategically select investors and clients.You will gain the capability of scaling a company through advanced social media strategies, building a business plan to guide your startup, establishing a product to market and creating your leadership style. Students will gain career orientation and hands-on training for steady career advancement. Other relevant courses include an online masters in marketing degree or MBA.
  • EntrepreneurshipPursuing this course helps you figure out whether your business idea can find a path into the market. Students will achieve this by acquiring agile working methods to obtain results in quick succession and learn the founding principles of the Entrepreneurial mindset.You will become skilled at project management tools such as SCRUM, which is a highly desired corporate skill. You get to practice the principles of entrepreneurship by implementing them on your own business idea, seeping it into the market through validation.
  • Start-up for fashion

    The programme primarily emphasis on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, with the sole purpose of assisting students through different phases of building a start-up. From the generation of an idea to research and development of the project, this course aims to provide the tools and knowledge required to interpret, predict and support the latest trends in fashion.You will eventually learn to create a business plan from scratch, moving on to obtain venture capital financing, paving way to strategic growth over time. The programme offers students and professionals, the basic objective to interpret the evolution of the complex business sector, to achieve success at commercial activities.
  • Entrepreneurship in emerging economicsThis business and management course takes an inter-disciplinary approach to analyse and solve complex social problems. You will get trained on addressing problems that can, in turn, determine the scope for smart entrepreneurial efforts, and generate creative solutions.You can venture into diverse entrepreneurial opportunities, moving ahead to find innovative business solutions. The results are sure to be multi-disciplinary nature, aiding you to embark upon a range of business sectors and fields of study.
  • Social Entrepreneurship Programme for International StudentsThe programme includes the ultimate real-time work experience within established social enterprises in the underprivileged sectors across the world. Students will learn what influences the way businesses are managed. It provides a unique methodology for skills transfer among students to adequately prepare them to engage in developmental work.

If you are interested in learning how to start your business, or nourish a business idea, or help your business grow and flourish. Gain access to short courses in London, by applying to any of the programmes today.

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