Benefits Of Using An External Hard Drive For Mac

External Hard Drive

If you are unfamiliar with what an external hard drive is, then let us explain. These are hard drives that are very similar to the ones found inside your computer and they essentially store data and files the same way. The only difference as the name states is that they are external devices that can be connected using cables. For reference, these cables are used in a variety of tasks such as HDMI connectivity, ethernet connectivity, etc. But when it comes to external hard drives, they are useful in that, they permit conveniently safe, reliable, and fast high data speed file transfer from your Mac to your external storage drive.[ hdmi hubs]

Since external hard drives are so portable, they have been a preferred file storage method for many Mac users, especially for those people who require more storage space than what their Mac allows. In other words, eg. video editors, photographers, programmers etc… as most of the people who work in these industries require handling large amounts of file data. This then raises the question of just how important are external hard drives for Mac users and should you purchase one today?

Why You Should Own An External Hard Drive

One of the main reasons why using an external hard disk over your internal one is the preferred option is primarily due to storage. Since the introduction of SSD, internal hard drives have begun shrinking in terms of storage space and this heavily applies to MacBooks, most especially. For instance, most Macs come with about 128GB of storage space and while you can opt to upgrade your device, it can often be an extremely tedious and expensive process. As a result, owning an external hard drive can spare you so much money as most drives don’t cost much at least in comparison to how much upgrading a MacBook would entail. [usb hub with sd card reader]

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Another good reason is that by also purchasing and owning a reliable USB C Hub, you can easily start making high-speed file transfers between Macs and other computers, through your external hard drive. Plus, they are the perfect way to store your file and software backups. As they ensure that if your Mac experiences a malware attack or crashes, your files and data will be isolated from any major compromise or damages.

What Is The Difference Between SSD and HDD On Mac?

If we were to put it simply, SSD drives are faster than the older HDDs. HDDs are a mechanical arm and magnetic tape that practically writes and reads information. However, in comparison, SSD’s essentially store data on microchips and come with no moving parts. They are quite similar to flash disks but just on a bigger scale. In short, SSD’s are the newer, faster, more advanced and lighter versions of the HDD, but at a much more expensive cost.

It is also for this reason that most MacBooks these days come with more powerful and efficient drives. But with less storage capacity than they used to have. However, the irony is that the speed difference between two is so big, that there’s no point going back to the older HDD’s for more storage. Additionally, this same SSD technology is also found in external hard drives and as a result, they ended up becoming a very popular Mac accessory.

Things To Consider When Buying An External Hard Drive

Before we dive into the various things to consider, we should point out that ever since the introduction of cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox, the need for external hard drives has been put into question by some. This is because the storage options offered up by services like iCloud to remotely store files makes it very easy and convenient. At least, compared to carrying an external hard drive everywhere.

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However, external hard drives are still used by many content professionals. There are several reasons why that is, like the fact that cloud storage can sometimes be too expensive to purchase. Or in some cases, some may require a more secure device to store their sensitive information that can’t be hacked or remotely accessed. That being said, there are several important factors to think about when buying one of these Mac accessories.

  • Speed vs Storage: Those users who primarily prioritise speedy file transfers should opt for the SSD drives. However, if storage is your main concern then a HDD drive is your best bet.
  • Size: Most of these external disks start off with about 128GB worth of space and steadily climb up, by doubling their storage. In which case, the maximum you can usually get is 1TB for SSD and 2TB for HDD.
  • Cables: Depending on the external drive, some utilize USB 2.0, while others use USB 3.0. Moreover, some only use Apple’s Thunderbolt cable, which may be fast, but limits you, if you ever need to connect to a Windows PC, for instance. As such, you need to take into consideration, which one suits you best.[ usb c adapter rose gold]
  • Portability: Some users don’t mind the size of the drive too much. However, others are constantly on the move. And may prefer something smaller, comfortable and easier to carry.


With these considerations in mind, you should always take your time and look at the external hard drive’s specifications to see what suits you and your Mac best.

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