Drinking in Moderation: The Surprising Health Benefits of Beer

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Health experts have long been advising against binge drinking, using short-term and long-term health effects as cautionary tales. However, little to none is being said about the benefits of moderate and mindful alcohol intake. To address this imbalance, below are the various positive impact of drinking medium-strength beer in moderation.

Moderate Alcohol Consumption Can Help Protect Your Heart

Among the many alcoholic beverages, only wine has made some headway in terms of establishing a healthy image. However, studies show that the health benefits people attach to wine-drinking are also applicable to beer. Moderate drinking of beer helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases that lead to strokes and heart attacks as much as wine-drinking does.

Beer Can Help Lower Bad Cholesterol

All brands of beer contain soluble fibre that can soak up the LDL or bad cholesterol from your system and help reduce the onset of high blood pressure. On top of this, it can promote healthy blood sugar levels.

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However, you must note that these benefits are subsequent only with moderate consumption of medium-strength beer. Too much alcohol in your system will disrupt your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals or burn stored fat.

Beer Can Help Strengthen Your Bone

Studies have shown that beer has high levels of silicon and can be an excellent source for the body’s dietary needs. Moderate consumption of beer is useful in meeting the dietary silicon requirement, which is in the form of orthosilicic acid or OSA. It is critical to the growth and development of the bone and its connective tissues and the prevention of osteoporosis.

Moderate Drinking of Beer Can Help with Male Fertility

A recent study demonstrated how male fertility was most potent among men who consume four to seven drinks a week compared to those who had less or more. This means that moderate consumption of medium-strength beer is the ideal practice if you want to maximise your fertility, even more so than not drinking beer at all.

Drinking Beer Moderately Can Enhance Memory

Beer hops contain Xanthohumol, a flavonoid that is known to improve cognitive function and slow down the degradation process of memory. In addition, studies have shown that this substance can help guard the brain against the oxidative damage that comes with dementia.

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Beer Can Help Prevent the Formation of Kidney Stones

Aside from being good for the brain, beer hops can offer many other health benefits. Specifically, the phytochemicals present in the hops can help promote kidney health. Based on a study done on both men and women, drinking a moderate amount of beer reduces the chances of kidney stone formation by 41 per cent.

Beer is Has More Nutrients Than Other Alcoholic Beverages

Wine is known for having antioxidants, but beer is just as good a source. The antioxidants in the beer hops are different from those that can be found in grapes, but antioxidants, in general, are good for the body.  Aside from being rich in antioxidants, beer is also an excellent source of micronutrients such as iron, phosphates, calcium, fibre, and vitamin B.

Beer Can Help Reduce Stress

Few can beat the relief offered by a cold bottle of beer after a particularly hard week at the office. However, it is vital to note that drinking should be done in moderation and not as a regular coping mechanism for stress.

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