Fashionable Ways to Style a Hoodie


Why a Hoodie?

Hoodies are a casual staple of everyday life, but they can be dressed up for any occasion with just a little bit of creativity. If you have one or two in your wardrobe, try some new ways to wear them so you get the most wear out of them! Here are ten fashionable ways to style an anti social social club hoodie.

Hoodies are comfortable, casual, and cute to boot! There are endless possibilities for layering with hoodies, especially because you can wear them during all four seasons. They’re made of different materials so they can even be worn in winter or summer. If you already have one or two hoodies in your wardrobe but don’t know how to wear them, this article will show ten styling tricks that can help you get the most out of your favorite piece of clothing.

10 Fashionable Ways to Style a Hoodie

1. Basic Layering

Start with a simple base layer like a crewneck t-shirt or turtleneck underneath your sweater. The t-shirt or turtleneck underneath will show, so pick something simple.

Add a lightweight sweater of any color over top to add some more layering options and pops of color. Cardigans are another great choice for the second layer as they can be layered both inside out and right side out!

On colder days, zip up your hoodie on the outside of your layers for some extra warmth. If you’re feeling really bold, throw on an oversized coat with fur around the hood on top of all this layering for a casual snuggle session. Layering is easy, but it’s even easier when you have one item that can be worn multiple ways like a hoodie

2. Dress It Up

Start with a basic tank top underneath your cdg hoodie. If you want to dress up the basic look of your hoodie, add a cute bow around the neckline for an extra touch of feminine flair.

Add a sleeveless blazer or lightweight cardigan over top to give some more definition to your shape and cover up more skin. By adding these two pieces, you can wear the sweater any way you want without being restricted by its length!

3. Get All Academic

Start with one muted solid color layer on bottom like dark jeans or leggings then throw on a simple white t-shirt under your hoodie. No layering necessary here – this is all about keeping it simple.

Choose a sweater with as many colors as you like and try wearing it as a long vest. Make sure the color of your jeans contrasts well with the color of the sweater or else things could get too busy! You can pair this outfit with cute, chunky boots and a nice watch for an extra pop of classiness because what’s classier than looking like Sherlock?

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4. Be Bright and Bold

Start by adding a bright, solid colored tank top underneath your hoodie then pair that base layer with some dark skinny jeans or leggings. Nothing about this outfit is complicated – it’s all about mixing and matching neutrals to create something eye-catching!

Try layering a bright sweater over the first layer for an extra pop of color. Layer your hoodie on top of everything else to make sure you’re nice and cozy. If you want some extra warmth, throw on a long scarf around your neck or drape it across your shoulders for some added swag points.

5. Get Your Geek On

Start with a t-shirt underneath your hoodie then add skinny jeans on top of that base layer. To dress up this outfit for class, throw on some cute Mary Janes with knee socks and tie your hair up in pigtails or buns! You’ll be ready to hit the books – literally!

Choose either a cardigan or sleeveless blazer depending on the weather and add it over top of everything else for a cute twist. If you want to go all out, add some nerdy glasses or a cute hat with cat ears on top of your hoodie – anything that will make studying more fun!

6. Rock the Edgy Side

Start by layering a basic tank top underneath your sweater then add ripped jeans over top to complete this outfit’s base layer. You can’t go wrong with simple and casual, but if you want something different you could always try forming this outfit into a makeshift dress instead! Ripped jeans are supposed to be layered so have fun experimenting with how many items you can wear at once.

For an edgier look, try layering a long sleeve shirt or hoodie underneath your jacket for some added warmth. You can always zip it up if you get cold so this outfit is perfect to wear on campus no matter the weather!

7. Create Your Own Style

Start with a solid tank top underneath your sweater then add ripped jeans over that base layer for an extra rocker edge. Finish off this look by throwing on combat boots or chunky high top sneakers depending on how tough you want to look – or don’t want to look, depending on what kind of day it’s going to be.

Add a bright colored blazer or cardigan over everything else and layer your hoodie over top! This outfit will be sure to turn heads for all the right reasons so make sure you wear it with confidence! Like our other bold looks, this outfit is perfect to wear out on a Saturday night to show off your unique style.

8. Make It Glamorous

Start by layering a skater skirt or dress underneath your hoodie then throw on some knee high boots above that base layer. By adding long socks and tights underneath your skirt, you can keep yourself warm throughout the day but still show off an edgy side of yourself! Black hosiery may be boring, but they’re absolutely essential whenever any boot cut jeans are involved. The best part about this ensemble is that it’s extremely versatile – if you want to go really casual, just skip the boots and you’ve got yourself a cute school girl look!

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If you want to dress up this outfit instead, add some chunky earrings or a colorful scarf over top of everything else! This look is perfect for class or for throwing on when you need to run out real quick but don’t feel like putting much effort into what you’re wearing. It’s definitely one of our most versatile looks!

9. Rock a Denim Jacket

Start by adding a solid tank underneath your hoodie then finish off this ensemble with some bright skinny jeans – no need to layer them because they’ll be hidden under your jacket. We can’t stress enough how important it is that these items are all bright colors because you want to pop out from underneath your jacket!

The best part about this look is that the hoodie doubles as a denim jacket, making it perfect for those chilly fall nights. To stay warm but still show off some skin, choose a cute crop top to layer under everything else then throw on black leggings or thick stockings to tie it all together! This look is perfect for college or for class because you’ll be comfortable and still look put together.

10. Get Sporty

Start by layering a dark tank top underneath your sweater before adding either white or light blue jeans over top of the base layer. Since these colors are similar they won’t compete with each other so both items will complement each other perfectly. We chose to go with white jeans in the photo, but light blue can work just as well if that’s what you prefer!

If it’s cold outside, add a windbreaker over everything else and don’t forget your accessories – beanie hats are perfect for this time of year so make sure you wear one whenever you’re racking up this look! For added fun, try either wearing high top sneakers or combat boots depending on how rebellious you want to look – either way brown shoes are essential for completing any outfit!

11. Mix It Up A Little

This outfit is probably one of the easiest ones to create because all you need to do is layer an asymmetrical tank underneath your sweater and add a bright colored skirt or dress underneath that. For an extra casual ensemble, choose high top sneakers to wear with your outfit, but if you want to go for a more rebellious look, combat boots will be perfect! If you want to spice up this look even more, try adding on some black tights or stockings – they’ll help keep you warm throughout the day which is essential if it’s chilly outside!

Conclusion paragraph:

 There are many ways you can style a hoodie to suit your individual taste. Hoodies come in all different colors, fabrics, and styles – it’s up to you how you want to wear yours! Whether you like the casual look of an oversized sweatshirt or prefer something dressier for work or play, there is no one way that suits everyone. The number of options available makes them perfect for any occasion! Here are some stylish ways I like to go about styling my own hoodie.

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