Fitness app development trends for 2021

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The most trending mobile applications nowadays are Fitness apps because they help us take care of our fitness and maintain a healthy routine.

If you are considering building a fitness app right now, then it is better, but you need to take care of your competitors as well. In case you are wondering how to create a fitness app, you are in the right place today, as we’ll be discussing all the necessary things that will help you build a fitness app, including the types of fitness apps that are popular right now.

If you are developing an app from scratch, you need to know all the basics and advance of the app, plus developing it from scratch will cost you more.

When it comes to building an app successfully, many questions come to mind. Well, there’s no need to worry because we’ll be dealing with all the latest trends of fitness apps that you must know before developing your app.

Types of Fitness Apps

When it comes to developing a fitness app, there are some common types of apps that are in demand, and depending on your desire and budget, you can create any of them.

  • Workout and Exercise Apps: The main focus of these apps is on the workout of a person using it. For example, it can show the exercises that the person can do and how they can do. This type of app can be further categorized into three different types:
    • Logbook apps
    • Workout fitness apps that feature pair with devices
    • Personal trainer apps
  • Activity tracking apps: This app is specifically designed for those who are not gym freak but still need to track all their activities, including the number of calories and steps, along with keeping track of sleep.
  • Nutrition apps: This app is for people who want to maintain a good nutritional diet or lose or control their weight. It helps keep track of all the calories they have consumed and burned and other drinking tracks. Besides this, the users can also set personal goals and help them to stick to all the healthy foods.
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So, these are the types of fitness apps that you can build, depending on your goal.

Features to include in a Fitness App

Well, now that you know the types of fitness apps that can be developed. It’s time to go through the features that you can include in these applications. When choosing the features, make sure that you are aware of the strong and weak points of the apps that will compete with your app. So, here are the features that you can include in your fitness app to make it more efficient:

  • Create Account –This is the most basic and necessary feature that must be included in every type of fitness app because without creating an account, users will not be able to track their activities.
  • Personal Information – When creating a fitness app, storing personal information like age, gender, weight, height are quite important so that the app can give relevant details to the user.
  • Integration with other services – Nowadays, the widely used method of creating an account is via existing social network accounts. So, you can integrate the app with other social media so that the users can create an account using these and share their achievements on the app on these platforms.
  • Custom Notifications – Everyone loves to personalize the notifications of all the apps that they use. So, it’s essential to add this feature as well in the app.
  • Setting Goals – When one uses a fitness app, they need to set a goal that they want to achieve. So, you can include this feature as well to make it more user-friendly.
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Well, these are some common features that you can include in all the fitness apps, but depending on the type, there are a few specific features as well, like for:

  • Workout apps:

    • Exercise Routine
    • Recommended Exercises
  • Activity tracking apps:

    • Pairing with other devices
    • Track activities
    • Location
  • Nutrition apps:

    • Diet chart
    • Food logging
    • Barcode scanner for food logging


So, in this article, we covered some of the most important things that will help you build a fitness app that is more user-friendly and efficient.

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