How to craft Stagbreaker, the awesome two-handed war hammer in Valheim

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While racing in Viking Valheim co-op survival game, you might find yourself surrounded by greylings and skeletons from time to time. One at a time, they are not fearsome enemies, but when you are in a burial chamber or near a nest of gray dwarves, you can be overwhelmed by their sheer numbers.

That’s why it’s nice to have a weapon that deals damage in the area of ​​effect, like a large two-handed warhammer covered in pointed deer antlers. One hit will deal damage to all enemies in the hammer’s radius, often knocking them down and staggering them, giving you a few moments to attack again. Plus: it’s a lot of fun hitting things with a giant hammer. I recommend it.

The name of the warhammer is Stagbreaker, and here’s how to create one. You will never leave home without it.

How to craft Stagbreaker in Valheim

First, you will need to visit the Black Forest. Outside of your starting biome, The Meadows, it is probably the first new biome you will encounter. Look for pine and fir trees and chop them down with your ax.

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Gather wood from fir and pine trees.

Just by collecting your first few pieces of core wood, you will get the recipe for Stagbreaker:

  • 20 wood cores
  • 5 deer trophies
  • 2 pieces of leather

Once you have enough core wood from the Black Forest, the other ingredients are easy and can be collected from The Meadows. You’ve probably been slaughtering deer and wild boar for meat and leather, and you know they drop trophies sometimes, too. You will need 5 deer trophies and 2 pieces of leather to complete the recipe.

You’ll also need a level 2 upgraded workbench. As we mentioned in our Valheim tips guide, you can create a flint chopping block and place it near your workbench, which will bring it up to level 2. That’s all you need to create Stagbreaker! Enjoy smashing everything in Valheim with your new sharp warhammer.

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