What is the Best Way to Play Snakes and Ladders?

Snakes and Ladders

Snakes and ladders is one of the few board games that has remained relevant and popular among the masses for many centuries, all thanks to its appealing features and simple gameplay. The game originated as “Moksha Patam” during ancient times in India.

From India, the game traveled to different parts of the globe. It acquired the name “Snakes and Ladders” in Britain. Currently, the classic board game designed specially for children is played by millions of people of all ages globally.

Today, there are two distinctive mediums or modes using which people indulge in snakes and ladders – the classic offline mode and the modern online mode. This article will shed light on how enthusiasts can play snakes and ladders in both modes and determine which is the best way to play the game after doing a comparative study. Let us dive right into it:

How to Indulge in Snakes and Ladders Offline and Online

Offline – For many centuries, enthusiasts of the classic snakes and ladders board game have been indulging in offline matches with their friends or family. To play snakes and ladders offline, individuals need a physical snakes and ladders game board. Besides this, they also need dice and physical playing pieces to start playing.

Online – Another way of indulging in snakes and ladders with friends or family is doing it virtually by using online iterations of the classic board game. To play snakes and ladders online, individuals first need to download a reliable online snakes and ladders game on their smartphone. Then, they need to register themselves by creating an account. Once the setup process is complete, enthusiasts can enjoy the game virtually with friends or family.

Offline vs. Online Mode – A Comparative Look

Here is a comparative look at both the prominent modes of playing the snakes and ladders game based on different parameters:

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The offline mode of snakes and ladders requires players to be physically present, i.e., they all need to be in the same room to indulge in offline snakes, and ladders matches. Since being physically present is not always possible for every player, indulging in offline snakes and ladders game is not an option that enthusiasts can frequently explore. Therefore, the offline mode is not deemed very convenient.

In the case of online snakes and ladders games, enthusiasts do not need to be present at a specific location to get started, i.e., they can indulge in virtual snakes, and ladders matches from anywhere at any time with their friends or acquaintances. This aspect of the mode makes it much more convenient for enthusiasts.

Required Equipment

As mentioned earlier, individuals need to have physical snakes and ladders equipment, including a game board, the required number of playing pieces, and dice to get started with the game. This aspect of the game mode presents several limitations. For example, players necessarily need to have the aforementioned things to play the game.

On the other hand, all individuals need is a robust snakes and ladders game and a stable Internet connection to get started. Hence, it would be safe to say that the equipment required in the online mode makes it superior since almost every individual has a smartphone with an Internet connection.

Fair Play

Most individuals play snakes and ladders for fun. However, there are instances when players place bets in matches. Since individuals manage offline snakes and ladders matches, chances are that matches where bets are at stake, may be rigged or fixed. There is no sure way of confirming whether an offline match of the game is legitimate.

In the case of online snakes and ladders games, almost all iterations are powered by RNGs or Random Number Generator algorithms, which supply numbers randomly. Hence, online snakes and ladders games do not allow individuals to hamper any aspect of the game. Therefore, online iterations of snakes and ladders ensure fair play.

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When individuals play snakes and ladders offline using physical equipment, they stick to the generic version of the game, i.e., the one that requires players to follow the standard rules and regulations and gameplay. Although it offers players an authentic experience of the game, matches start feeling monotonous after a while.

Online snakes and ladders games, on the other hand, feature numerous game modes and variations, each of which features numerous tweaks both in terms of rules and gameplay. This feature of online snakes and ladders games makes them way more interesting than the regular version.

Rewards and Bonuses

Offline snakes and ladders matches seldom feature rewards or prizes of any kind. However, there are instances when they feature rewards for winners. This aspect enhances the excitement and competition level of matches and facilitates players to have an immersive experience.

Online snakes and ladders games offer a plethora of rewards to players. In addition to offering exciting prizes to players, numerous online iterations of the classic board game also provide different types of bonuses, each of which motivates them to indulge in online matches seriously. Thus, the online mode of playing snakes and ladders fares ahead of the offline mode in this aspect.


As evident by the points mentioned above, the online mode of indulging in snakes and ladders is way more beneficial and fun as compared to the conventional, orthodox way. This is why millions of people all around the globe prefer playing online snakes and ladders games as compared to offline matches.

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