Huh: Black Ops – Cold War has a Fallout-style lockpicking minigame

war pick

It’s Black Ops – Cold War Time! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS, MAGGOT? The craziest thrill of a shooting campaign where … you come across locks like a Bethesda RPG?

Lockpicking occurs in a mission featuring a Soviet double agent sneaking into the KGB headquarters in Moscow, which we previously described as a little Hitman level. Stealth missions aren’t new to the series, but this type of mini-game is (Black Ops II apparently had a “ trigger action lockpick ” but I don’t remember it ever being used).

When I tried to google the history of the hooks in COD, I only found out that IGN had described the above as “classic spy trick”, which is probably news to all the spies in real life who read gaming websites. The implementation here is pure Bethesda: find the war pick angle and hold it. Not that there is necessarily anything wrong with it, but it does look very strange in Call of Duty.

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