Kenshi 2 is already in development


It took Kenshi developer Lo-Fi Games around 12 years to create it, finally leaving Early Access in December. It’s great, just give our Kenshi review a read, and more than a little weird. And a continuation of the massive post-apocalyptic sandbox is already in the works.

Lo-Fi planned to work in peace without the pressure that comes from announcing a new game, but pressure from another direction caused the developer to reconsider.

Chris Hunt

“Our original plan was to keep the new project quiet so we could work on it without public pressure and then do a great press release when we had something to show,” explains studio founder Chris Hunt. “However, it seems like a lot of people are getting confused or angry that we don’t keep playing with Kenshi or leaving Kenshi’s world behind, so I’m going to go ahead and announce early what we’re working on now, as I think it will. Reassures most people “.

Kenshi 2 will be set before the first game, 1000 years earlier, allowing Lo-Fi to delve into the history of the world. This is when the Old Empire was apparently the best dog. That’s the ancient civilization whose ruins you’ll find scattered around Kenshi, so we’ll presumably take a trip back to before the apocalypse.

It will use the same engine as the first game, although it will be updated to improve performance. The update will also benefit the original Kenshi as it will be applied as a free update. Other features can also be shared between games.

Decision to Prioritize

“Why keep the same engine? Because a completely new engine would break everything and take another million years to finish,” says Hunt. “By sticking to the same code, we made the decision to prioritize the game over the graphics (not to mention a much faster release date).”