Lady Dimitrescu is 9’6″ and that’s an official Capcom fact

1.6 meters to feet

Lady Dimitrescu, the tall lady from Resident Evil Village, is officially tall. After a few weeks of speculation from fans about how tall Lady Dimitrescu is (is her apparent height born from an awkward camera perspective? Is her apparent height a result of her witches being short?), Capcom has issued an important clarification. : she’s tall for the tune. she is 2.9 meters. That is about 1.6 meters to feet.

According to the first Google search result “average human height”, people are generally 1.6 to 1.7 m tall. At 2.9m, that makes Lady Dimitrescu undeniably tall. With stats at hand, Lady Dimitrescu fanart can be more realistic than ever.
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The tallest person ever recorded, Robert Wadlow, stood at a modest 8’11 “, which is 2.72m, which means that Lady Dimitrescu is at least 25 centimeters taller than the tallest person in the real world ever recorded by foot. verifiable.

In a Reddit thread from five years ago titled “What things or beings are 10 feet long?” (Lady Dimitrescu’s height is rounded from 2.9 m) the following things are listed: “some snakes”, “tigers”, “little whales”, “probably some elephants”, “many trees”, “some alligator and crocodile type beings “,” giant squid “,” Komodo dragons “,” oarfish “and” 3 meter trampoline “, among others.

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Last week we took a look at the Resident Evil Village game. It will be out on May 7 and will come with a multiplayer side game.

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