The best Stardew Valley mods

greenhouse stardew

This insanely awesome add-on created by a talented group of modders adds a complete aquarium to the game. Similar to Animal Crossing, the fish you donate to the aquarium become exhibits that you can see for yourself. The aquarium itself is located in a new beach area accessible via train in Pelican Town.

Extended Farm

For those of us who are really struggling to choose a farm type when starting a new farm, Farm Extended provides the standard farm benefits of all specialty farms. The expanded farm has dedicated areas for fishing, foraging and mining, as well as fenced areas designed to prevent animals from escaping. Modder Forkmaster also added a wagon stop behind the farm for quick travel to other parts of the city directly from home.

Bath house improvement

Despite all the improvements Robin can add to her country house, she apparently wants to keep the bathhouse north of town to herself. This mod to add a bathroom to the second farm update gives you a private home spa to refresh your energy on busy farm days. This mod will not work with any other mod that changes the interior design of the second farm, so be careful!

Jamie’s Balanced Greenhouse

There are a ton of modifications to expand the greenhouse, most of which are excessively large. Personally, I don’t want to do all my farming inside the greenhouse stardew. Jamie’s balanced greenhouse is a perfectly modest expansion of greenhouse space. Converts the center plot to a 15×15 square, which means you can place iridium or medium sprinklers evenly. It also adds 12 individual square plots intended for tree planting, as we were all planting our fruit trees in a ring around the default greenhouse plot.

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Pelican Town may be a country town, but that doesn’t mean its villagers should settle for their average cup of coffee every morning. Coffee Shoppe adds a new espresso machine to create fancy drinks like maple macchiatos and mint mocha. There are a number of new pastry recipes that you also add for cake pops and petite fours to pair with these stylish urban drinks.

Animal husbandry

The Animal Husbandry mod, formerly known as Butcher Mod, allows you to turn your animal friends into their meat components. If you’re not interested in using the meat cleaver on your cute little pigs, modder Digus added a “soft mode” that turns the cleaver into a meat wand that allows you to “trade your animals for meat that grows on trees in another dimension.” As another strange alternative, the Fresh Meat mod adds plants that you can grow and harvest meat from. Does that count as vegan?

The advantages of being married

Look, I know the main advantage of being married is supposed to be, you know, being married, but as gold prospectors all over the world know, having a few extra benefits helps. This mod helps provide that, in the form of new buildings, better value in stores, or assistance with resources. In the Perks mod, whoever you marry comes with a specific buff, so you’ll want to choose wisely. For example, marrying Emily makes gems and minerals 50% more valuable, marrying Sam gives you a soda machine and weekly fan mail gifts, and Penny doubles the value of all artifacts. It also adds 10 new NPCs, who can also marry, and again each brings its own benefits.

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Cannabis kit

“Mayor Lewis recently passed legislation allowing you to grow cannabis on his farm!” says modder Paradigmnomad. Cannabis Kit adds a number of cannabis strains that can be purchased from Harvey and Pierre during the summer and fall. Your mature cannabis plants can be made on original Stardew Valley artisan machines to produce products such as hemp cloth and cannabis oil.

Six winter crops

Six Plantable Crops for Winter does exactly what it says and nothing more. Winters can be boring in Stardew Valley when the only activity is going into the mines. For those of us who really prefer farming to fighting, these six new crops give you a goal for the winter. Your farm can still look lively in the snow if you plant nappa cabbage and blue roses!

Deform friends

Warp to Friends adds an additional menu to Stardew Valley that shows the location of all the other farmers and a button to go directly to them. Especially useful for helping out new friends if they get lost or need help deep in the mines.

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