Top 5 reasons to bundle your Internet, TV, and Phone

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More often than not – we tend to hear things like all good things come to an end. However, that is not the truth if you know what exactly to invest your time and money in. Yes, people age, lives end, tears stops and happiness passes – but if you have something and not someone to rely on when going through these phases – you might just make it out living the best you can!

Whether you are a student, teacher, business person – working in space or digging tunnels down under – you NEED to have a dose of ready-made entertainment in your pocket or under your grasp. Spectrum bundles offer such a chance by providing their first-class services just for you; offering high-speed internet connection without any data caps, more than 220 channels, and unlimited phone calls. No lies, I swear!

While there’s a myth about bundles being an end to one’s freedom – it is at the end a myth for all good things do come in bundles and that too offered by spectrum. Many times, my friends have told me how they are cautious of taking the bundle deals of 2-ply tissue rolls, pizza, or anything at all out of fear that they might end up getting dealt a bad hand. I used to feel the same and in some cases, it did turn out to be true.

However, one fine day when the skies rained cows and cats flew to their nests – I finally decided to opt for their bundle package out of curiosity. They did buy me out of a bad contract after all – so why not, right? Anyhow, that is the day I found love – for their services. My games didn’t buffer as much, happy times were happy and I didn’t have to sweat over my call charges as well. It was like I had been pushed into the upside-down (you won’t get it if you didn’t watch Stranger Things) and this time the upside-down turned out to be a paradise in disguise!

Today, after almost 2 years of being a regular and referring a friend to it – I thought I should help you out too. I know choosing a service provider is scary without knowing if they are truly good and I want to save you from the disappointments I had to face back then. Then the chosen providers have their contracts and clauses and god knows what not. You don’t have to take my word for any particular provider but yes I will convince you for opting a bundle deal at least once and here’s why:


A bundle deal is a light on the pocket! This is because you are taking all three services from the same provider and that is what they want – for you to try all their services and keep them too. They put in all their sweat and tears into just keeping you happy and themselves afloat in your lives. Moreover, they end up costing less than going for individual internet, TV, or phone services.

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Long-Lasting Relations

When you have a bundle deal, you can stay in touch with all your loved ones and friends all over the world. It doesn’t matter when they have an internet connection or phone network – you can make it work both ways with unlimited calls and a blazing fast internet speed. Video call your hearts out!

Flexible Bundle Deals

Some service providers offer you the chance to customize your bundle deal. You don’t need to opt for all 3 services if you don’t NEED them all. Travel too much and don’t need cable? Just discuss it with them and voila – you have yourself a bundle deal of your choice from phone to internet and cable packages. You can choose whatever, whenever as per your budget and needs – feel like you don’t need something right away but might need that service later on? No worries – just get an add-on later.

Non-stop Entertainment

Throw parties and movie nights at your place without flinching at all – watch as many movies on your cable or just stream it online. Take up the role of a DJ and get everyone dancing by using Youtube, sound cloud, or some other music app! It all comes down to your imagination and how you implement it. Get together can be difficult, these days, due to the coronavirus pandemic but that doesn’t mean you can’t stay entertained! Just have a watch party or group video call and giggle and laughs will make their way to you on their own. Feel like being able to see people but don’t want to talk to them? Watch seasons – all of them – just Netflix and Netflix all the way – or just play games all day, every day!

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No Provider-Imposed Limits

Many providers lie about their services having zero data-cap restrictions, however, it doesn’t turn out to be true most of the time. Many companies advertise that their internet services are truly unlimited just to get their services selling. Therefore, it is essential to try and settle only for the ISPs that you are sure about.

Now the question arises – how exactly to be sure about literally any service provider?

  1. Compare different service providers
  2. Choose 2 or 3 that seem like the perfect fit for you
  3. Check their Trustpilot and google reviews
  4. Check their website and observe their UX/UI – if a provider is giving you easy access to their products and keeping the process as seamless as then you should surely give it a thought or two
  5. Go through their social media pages and see how people are talking about the service provider of your choice – ensure that these aren’t paid or promotional comments/reviews there
  6. Once you have chosen a provider – you are finally ready to make THE call
  7. While talking to their service center – ask all the questions that come to your mind. An easy way out is to make a list of questions to ask beforehand.
  8. Get your bundle deal and enjoy!

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