When Fintech Meets Blog Marketing

Blog Marketing

The rise of Fintech businesses started before 2020, but it significantly increased when the global COVID-19 pandemic took place. The pandemic has made people even more dependent on their digital devices not just for entertainment but other aspects of life as well, such as banking.

As the trend of financial technology services keeps on growing, Fintech providers are expected to improve their marketing strategies to attract the attention of more customers.

Blog marketing is of great benefit to these companies, as it uses blogs to address potential consumers individually and directly, which leads to an increase in brand loyalty.

Learn what happens when Fintech meets blog marketing.

Blog content ideas for your Fintech business

Blog posts help businesses expand their reach by incorporating specific keywords that individuals type into search engines when looking for companies that provide the same services as them. Blog posts also allow businesses to talk about their goals and values, thus constantly engaging with their customer. There are numerous blog content ideas that you can talk about.

For instance, Fintech businesses can write blog posts about the reason why they started their companies in the first place. You can elaborate on your passion for the work you do or provide insight into your business goals. Another blog content idea is providing the audience with an industry timeline by talking about the history of financial technology and the milestones in this industry. Read here about the evolution and safety of Fintech.

A blog post providing an industry timeline is a great way of using plenty of terms that individuals might search for related to Fintech. It’s also an opportunity for Fintech companies to demonstrate their industry knowledge. Blog posts are the perfect pieces of content for sharing success stories from your Fintech business, provided your clients give you permission to share them.

Blog posts can be used for educating your audience about the current industry trends or discussing the impact of the pandemic on banking. Fintech businesses can also write blog posts about the cultural changes in banking habits. The rise of the remote banking trend is more and more present, as individuals are more interested in handling their affairs online, not in person.

Other blog content topics worth considering are the differences between startups and larger organizations and the potential of the former to disrupt the market, the effect of banking mergers, the impact of technology in banking, etc. Fintech businesses can use their blogs for posting constant business updates, thus producing current articles and generating frequent readers.

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How to develop an effective Fintech marketing strategy?

Content marketing has proven to be a powerful motivator of businesses results, as almost 96% of Fintech businesses rely on content to attract new customers. Given the competitiveness of this industry, high-quality, engaging content is the only way for these businesses to get in touch and reach their audiences. The first step is identifying your target audience to create content designed especially for them.

Identifying your target audience requires taking numerous factors into consideration, such as buying behaviors, demographics, hobbies, motivations, budget, pain points, etc. The only way to reach your audience and engage with it is by identifying your target personas.

By creating content that’s relevant to the members of your target audience, you will attract more customers. For instance, some Fintech companies consider small businesses their target market and create content designed to fit them by covering topics like finance, operations, marketing, sales, payments, customer satisfaction, etc.

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Financial technology businesses are required to take an approach that’s customer-centric when it comes to branding. These professionals require a good strategy to convince customers to move away from traditional banks and accept the idea of online financial services. The transition from a traditional bank to Fintech has often been viewed as an important decision by customers.

When making such a transition, individuals usually have security concerns and aren’t exactly persuaded in the trustworthiness of these services. Therefore, the role of Fintech marketing is to demonstrate the reliability of your business to your target market. Customers are supposed to be convinced of the reliability and consistency of your brand.

Another crucial aspect in developing an effective Fintech marketing strategy is educating your audience. Companies in the Fintech industry are capable of providing educational content that helps average customers make well-informed financial decisions. You can provide your audience with educational resources and later enjoy the benefits of having an informed base of customers.

Some Fintech businesses offer consumers a resource center, which includes infographics, how-to guides, and other tools that educate individuals on complex financial topics. There are multiple ways of incorporating content into your Fintech marketing strategy, such as brand magazines, guides, tutorials, social media, etc. For example, a digital magazine can offer various content types whose purpose is to keep potential buyers up to date with the trends in this industry.

Moreover, the social media marketing channel is where the audience asks questions related to the offerings of your company. These questions can be later used to write blog posts that provide answers to them. After writing numerous blog posts, you should consider exploring another content type, such as guest posts.

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Guides and tutorials are excellent for distributing educative content and getting beginners familiar with relevant financial topics. It’s of vital importance for customers to learn how to speak your language. Visit this website, www.juni.co/blog, to see what a Fintech blog looks like. Well-written guides can help your readership gain a better understanding of relevant topics or discover new trends.

Additionally, you can ask visitors to provide their contact information in exchange for a guide. This path leads to them becoming prospects in your marketing funnel.

Conducting keyword research is the right place to start when making decisions about the topics around which you plan to create the content. Marketers use special tools to identify the highest-performing keywords and discover the search terms used in relation to the topic. You need to refine your content topics according to the preferences of audience members, as it will help you create relevant content of high quality that provides answers to their questions.

Fintech businesses should also consider building a mobile-friendly experience, as most individuals use their mobile phones instead of searching for products/services on their PCs or laptops. Considering the boom for digital banking, financial technology companies need to develop their marketing strategy around a mobile-friendly approach.

Another consideration for these businesses when taking advantage of blog marketing is providing a personalized interactive experience. This industry is full of complex information that individuals might find difficult to understand. Therefore, companies should invest their best efforts to make their content more interactive and visual for individuals to understand the information better.

Furthermore, most of these businesses struggle with the translation of tech jargon for their audiences. Make sure your blog content is comprehensible to potential customers. It should be digestible and clear, not overly filled with jargon. Remember to put yourself in the shoes of your readership when creating blog posts or other pieces of content.

As previously mentioned, the rate of mobile adoption on a global level has increased significantly, especially since the start of the pandemic. An average person is estimated to spend five hours on their mobile during the day. Additionally, approximately a third of these mobile devices have a Fintech application installed. Financial technology businesses stand to gain from the increase in mobile use by trying in-app advertisements.

During the process of content planning, your legal and compliance team should be consulted about the topics you plan to cover so as not to cross any lines. It is crucial not to get your business into legal trouble.

In conclusion

Blog marketing is an effective strategy for reaching your target market and achieving customer loyalty!