Who are the best Fireproof fabric suppliers?

Fireproof fabric suppliers

According to the world health organization, approximately 180,000 people are died every year due to burns. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Only in the United States, 1.1 million people visit hospitals for burn injuries that cost labour and financial system.

In this fast-moving world, workplace accidents are becoming more common. It does not matter what the work foundry, welding, firefighter or lab work is. Everyone’s life matters to their loved ones. That’s why using fireproof fabric in the workplace becomes more important.

Good fireproof fabric safes the live and extra expenditures of the company. But before choosing fireproof fabric, you should do a risk assessment, keep in mind workplace climate and check the safety standards. Then decide that you should buy flame resistance or flame-retardant fabric.

Daletec best fireproof fabric suppliers

Finding good quality flameproof fabric is not easy. There are many manufacturers, but Daletec is the best among fireproof fabric suppliers. Over the past 40 years, Daletec provides superior quality, reliable and excellent Flame retardant fabric. Daletec has become a global leader as the best Fireproof fabric supplier with more than 50 alternatives.

Daletec hard-working team’s continuous research and effort have formed advance and unique products according to safety roles. Commonly these products are used in heavy industries, energy, electric, mechanical and foundry work. So, Daletec has a solution for each workplace.

Over 140 years of experience, reflects their work in their products. Daletec’s fireproof fabrics and production are certified by UL (underwriters’ laboratories) and OCS (Organic content standard). Daletec’s production facility is also certified for ISO 14001:2015. That is proof of Daletec’s best quality fabric production and trust.

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What’s the best thing about Daletec?

Over a century, Daletec provides stronger protection and comfort. It is a brand of quality.

Daletec used cotton-based fabric after different applying multiple processing techniques.

That makes their product soft, stretchable and comfortable. Each fabric FR properties stay with the lifespan of the fabric.

We personally prefer Daletec among other Fireproof fabric suppliers, and there are many notable things that make them the best among the rest. It is their hard work, innovation, quality, safety, durability and flexibility. They also care about their responsibility toward the environment, so they make biodegradable and environmentally friendly products. Daletec manufactures both kinds of fabric Flame Resistance and Flame Retardant.

They take all precautions with chemicals. All fabric products are wearable directly against the skin. This gives them a leading edge. All products are tested directly to the human body, and any kinds of allergy reaction and side effects don’t appear in results.

 Being the best Fireproof fabric suppliers, they know how to take care of the needs of their customers.

These features make them unique and best Fireproof fabric suppliers in the market.Daletec never compromises the safety of workers.

Daletec Products

Daletec always gives priority to its customers. Rigsheild, metalsheild and sparksheild are the main products of Daletec. Each product is available within different verities and qualities. All products are EN, ISO, ASTM and NFPA certified.

Daletec new addition is all-weather resistance. It keeps you warm, dry and comfortable.

After the continuous effort, Daletec engineers develop a more light, breathable, strong, safe and Flame resistance material covering fabric. That can resist higher water pressure, warm and cold water washing, better than any other product available in the market.

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Daletec fabric coating also provides the metal splash and spark protection. It can handle extreme exposures.


Rigshield protective work wears collection is manufactured for use in the oil and gas industry. This fabric is manufactured using the best cotton fibre that provides its strength, durability, comfort, best heat and flame protection. It is a directly wearable product. You can wash it again and again. Rigshield has a lot of variety. About 39 types are offered by Daletec. Each fabric is differently prepared according to your and workplace requirements.

Fire Retardant fabric:

Sparkshield fire Retardant fabric designed for electrical and utility companies. Sparkshield fabric provides you with a high level of protection against electric arc, heat, flame tongues and provides a unique finish. This range also offers a large variety according to your and industry environment requirements approximately 20 types. It is also directly wearable to the skin, and its FR properties stay with the life of the fabric.


This protective workwear fabric collection is available for the field of foundry, welding and mechanicals. It will provide protection from sparks, molten metal and flames with a high level of comfort and heat insulation. Metalsheild fabric FR properties last longer than fabric’s life. Like other Daletec products, it also wearable against the skin and available in lots of variety about seven types.

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