5 tips to reinvent your custom boxes and win over customers

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Businesses are growing like mushrooms left and right. Your established business also sometimes needs to check its roots to compete with new businesses. If you have not revamped your packaging in a long time, then it is high times that you pay attention to it. Look at the new trends that how packaging is being designed these days. Even if you have a bakery business, it is high time that you custom design cupcake boxes.

Do not think that your auto parts packaging does not need any reinventing. It seems like an auto parts business has nothing to do with but is as important as noodle boxes USA. Packaging plays a significant role in the sales of a business, so it should always follow the new trends to attract more customers.

Now that we know how important it is to revamp your old custom boxes let’s visit some tips that can help you with the whole procedure.

1. Uncommon Material

This is the easiest way to redo your packaging. Choose a material that takes the attention of your customer. Any unusual material can change the whole look of the packaging. You can be using cardboard that is recyclable or biodegradable. The world is dealing with an environmental crisis, and your business switch to sustainable material can change your business’s outlook. You will be adding value to your brand as well as the environment of the world.

Another thing that can be added in terms of material is decorative materials. Such as you can put on ribbons. Especially if you are doing custom design cupcake boxes, this little twist of decorative material can elevate your overall sales. In the business of food, the options in the material are plenty. Food usually does not exceed a certain weight, so the materials do not have to be heavy-duty.

If you are dealing with a heavy auto parts business, you can go for corrugated sheets that hold the weight well and give a new look to auto parts packaging. You can add inserts, too, to keep the auto parts in place. That would add a new look to packaging without costing you a lot of bucks.

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2. Branding

Branding plays a huge role in packaging. It is your introduction that you get on your packaging boxes. Try to hire a professional graphic designer who can redesign the whole branding. While reinventing the packaging, it is important to follow the new trends of the designs. A designer can help you with that to make the process less tedious for you. You can look up noodles boxes USA for inspiration.

Never compromise on your branding as it makes or breaks your business. It can grab you new customers, and anything that can help your business raise sales needs your immense attention. While doing the process, make a new brand style guide with the reference of old ones, so your branding does not look alien. Colors pallets used in the new packaging should correspond to the brand style guide to make it recognizable.

3. Custom Printed Tape

While reinventing the packaging, it is important to think out of the box. If you think beyond packaging, you can explore the sealing material too. You can get packing tape that seals your packaging boxes printed with your branding. That will pop on the packaging, and it will be a refreshing change for your regular customers. It adds a fun factor, too, and changes the whole feel of unboxing. Sealing tape is considered a boring part of unboxing, and customizing it with your logo or notes can make it refreshing.

You can choose pastel color pallets for custom design cupcake boxes, and for auto parts packaging, you can go with the dark colors and printing. When you choose elements according to the nature of your brand, it automatically brings up the whole packaging. It is up to you how you use your business’s strong points in your packaging designs. The use of custom printed tape can prove to be a game-changer for your business packaging.

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4. Notes

If you are an already established business, then you must already have regular customers too. These customers will be super excited to see your new and reinvented packaging. An element that can be part of your new packaging is ‘thank you notes’ to customers in each package. It just raises the spirits of your customers. It shows how much you value them.

A note attached to your new packaging can have a deeper impact than you can even imagine. A note helps consumers humanize the business. They can see people through the packaging that are working behind the brand.  Custom design cupcake boxes with notes can practically elevate your sales. You might not know the power of small notes in the packaging until you try it yourself.

5. Stay True to Old Customers

While designing the new packaging, it is immensely important to take the feelings of old customers into account. An old business with regular customers has to think of them. Your old customers recognize you with your old packaging, so always try to keep some packaging elements. It will help your customers recognize your brand.

It might seem like an easy task, but it is not as it is very difficult to keep an old element in a brand new packaging design. This is the reason you will be hiring a graphic designer who can solve these issues. Your customers will respect your effort to keep something out of the old packaging, too, just like noodles boxes USA.

When you stay true to your branding and customers, it gets you the special respect of your customers who appreciate your roots.


All the above-given tips can help you have an amazing reinvented packaging for your business. New packaging can be a milestone in a successful business or a try to uplift a business. In both cases, it is always a good idea.

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