All objections to this Ace Attorney reddit bot are overruled

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Reddit switch deals storylines are the ultimate form of internet drama – often ridiculous, always entertaining. Royal epics are the kind of thing you can imagine in an over the top courtroom setting, and thanks to a new bot inspired by the Phoenix Wright series, now you can see it.

The bot was created by Micah Price and allows you to turn Reddit threads into a battle in the Ace Attorney courtroom. Just find a juicy plot, type ‘! Objection bot ‘o’! Objection-bot ‘and give it about ten minutes to do some magic. The two most common redditors in the chain are assigned the roles of Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth, and then the code determines where to insert those all-important OBJECTIONS!

It’s a perfect setting for silly dramas coming out of reddit, especially since Ace Attorney games are built around very silly settings and are populated by characters with (user) names like Larry Butz and Luke Atmey.

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It currently doesn’t work on all subreddits, and Price acknowledges that he still has some bugs (he told Mashable that it took him around three days to complete the project). The code is also open source, if anyone would like to take a look.

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