AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Other AWS Certifications You Need to Know About


The increasing demand for cloud computing across several industries all over the world has led to an increase in job opportunities. In modern life, cloud computing is essential for organizations and industries for their day to day needs. AWS is one of the most important industries that offer cloud-based services across industries.

Amazon Web Services or AWS is an essential part of Amazon. It offers services like data storage, networking, and cloud computing services that provide organizations or industries with a chance to use cloud systems to perform several activities/tasks. It also offers analytical, database, apps, and so on. It also offers you complete access to all the high-quality tools throughout your career.

The demand for AWS certified professionals has grown rapidly over a short span of time. Cloud computing has become a necessary need for numerous industries. Several popularly known industries depend highly on AWS for enhancing the development of their industries such as Expedia, Netflix, Comcast, and so on. This has led to an increase in the need for AWS certified professionals across industries all over the world. It is quite beneficial for individuals pursuing a career in cloud computing. Acquiring an AWS certification is one of the best methods to improve and enhance your career prospects. The job roles available include AWS system developers, data analyzers, support engineers, and so on.

You can start your journey of AWS with a beginner level certification, which can help you gain the basic concepts and knowledge of AWS. The AWS certifications are separated into two types which include associate-level certification and professional level certification. You must acquire the associate level certification to qualify for the professional level certification.

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AWS Certified Solution Architect 

AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate level certification is best suitable for you if you intend to grow your career in cloud computing or if you invest your entire time on AWS platforms. This certification might be useful for improving your career prospects. The skills and expertise required for this certification are designing, building, and managing systems on the AWS platform. You can also gain numerous advantages if you already acquire a high amount of experience in the AWS platform.

 You must acquire the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification to be able to qualify for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional. You must accumulate an in-depth understanding of AWS fundamentals and platforms. You will also learn to create and design systems or websites on the AWS system.

There a total of five types of AWS certifications available that are explained below:


This AWS certification is aimed at individuals pursuing a career in supporting the development and architecture of AWS. If you want to develop your career in this field, you must choose the AWS certified DevOps Engineer certification.


These certifications solely depend on your skills and proficiency in particular tools or technologies, security measures, networking, and big data.


If you want to pursue a career in cloud computing, security, and theories on AWS, you must acquire AWS speciality certification to improve your career opportunities further.


If you want to grow your career as an application developer on the AWS domain or if you want to pursue a career in creating and developing applications on the AWS domain, you must choose these certifications. You can begin with the entry-level certification, which is AWS Certified Developer – Associate. Next, you can opt for the professional level certification, which is AWS certified DevOps Engineer certification.

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Suppose you are looking for expanding your career in creating, designing, and arranging systems on the AWS domain. You can start your career with AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification to gain all the required knowledge and skills to qualify for the AWS Solutions Architect – Professional certification.

These are the numerous types of AWS certifications you can pursue according to your field of work or if you want to begin a career in AWS. AWS certifications validate your skills and expertise in designing, building, and managing applications in cloud computing to the recruiter. It allows you to stand out amongst the other non-certified candidates. It also opens p the opportunity for a wide range of job roles and higher income. As the demand for AWS services keeps increasing across industries, the job opportunities for AWS certified professionals also increases.

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