Mod support is coming to games on the Microsoft Store

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Last month, when Wes tested the new Xbox app for PC, he found a much better interface, but an unfortunate inability to modify games downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Even though Microsoft said in an E3 Inside Xbox broadcast that mod would be supported, there did not appear to be any ability to modify (or hardly even access) game files in the Xbox games directory yet.

Now user Pycorax on Reddit has found a new folder since the last Windows update called “ModdableWindowsApps” inside the “Program Files” folder. The Microsoft Development Center confirms the same with a listing for the new directory. Developers will also be able to specify a custom folder specific to their app, says another Dev Center page.

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The Windows Development Center clearly states that the folder is “where the contents of the desktop application installation folder are projected so that users can modify the installation files (for example, to install mods)”. It’s unclear how open it will be though, as the Dev Center says: “This item is currently intended to be used only by certain types of desktop PC games that are published by Microsoft and our partners.”

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In a statement to PC Gamer after E3, Microsoft said that “games available with Xbox Game Pass for PC have support for mods, as long as the developer has enabled it for their game,” but did not provide further details on what the game would look like. modding. it really works. It seems that we are now seeing the first steps in that direction.

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