Stardew Valley update: What’s new in the latest patch

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Patch 1.4.5
February 11, 2020 – Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Windows where the game would initialize incorrectly and start without audio.
  • Fixed an issue where walkable objects such as torches could block it from attacking nearby enemies.
  • You can now claim Gunther’s Ancient Seed crafting recipe if you donated an Ancient Seed artifact and collected only the seed and not the recipe.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed animals to walk on certain tiles of water next to some bridges.
  • Wallpapers can no longer be used in place of items to be transformed into craft products.
  • Fixed Lewis statue handwriting not awarding its reward in Simplified Chinese localization.

Patch 1.4.4
January 31, 2020 – Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted Dropped Item pickups to be more responsive to customers in multiplayer and return to their previous locations less frequently.
  • Item collection code adjusted so machines hidden in corners can be filled in without using cursor mode.
  • Added that Elliott’s 14 hearts do not work properly in languages ​​other than English.
  • Fixed a data entry issue that caused some fish ponds to use incorrect data.
  • Fixed the Shrimp Enthusiast shirt applying the wrong shirt illustration.
  • Fixed a soft crash when watching the 2nd Fall movie in all languages ​​other than English.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Sam’s Cardiac Event 6 to crash smoothly.
  • The game now reissues the player with the Qi’s Challenge mission if he had previously opened the mail, but dismissed it without accepting the
  • mission.
  • Items placed in an ex’s room are now collected and placed in a chest after divorce.
  • You can no longer gift quest items or items that cannot be gifted during the Feast of the Winter Star.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on the host when a customer connected to a game that was set to Friends or Invite Only and is now hosted on a
  • platform that does not support those online modes.
  • Removed “<” from the Simplified Chinese localization of the “Pet Loves You” dialog.
  • Fixed an issue where Junimos would display an empty text bubble when bringing a package to Junimo Hut after completing a package in
  • Simplified Chinese or Korean.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing Junimo Note before learning to read it would cause certain text to permanently display much larger in Simplified
  • Chinese, Japanese, and Korean localizations.
  • Filled with some missing characters in Korean fonts. This fixes some cases where an asterisk appears instead of a Korean character.
  • Fixed minor typo in Grandpa’s Note in Korean localization.

Patch 1.4.3
December 13, 2019 – Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where you could collect multiples of a pack reward from the Community Center if you close the menu without collecting them.
  • Fixed an issue where naming your pet after an NPC could cause your pet to appear on the calendar on that NPC’s birthday.
  • Fixed an item duplication vulnerability when using the Add to Existing Stacks button in an inventory with a full stack.
  • I made some corrections in the Turkish localization.
  • Fixed a bug in the crafting menu that could cause additional resources to be consumed in certain situations.
  • Adjusted the Four Corners farm map to fix the layering issue with buildings.
  • Fixed a bug where the Wizard Tower could be entered before unlocking the Community Center.
  • Taking a screenshot of the map while the option to show menu backgrounds is on will no longer display the menu in the screenshot.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain wallpapers to award a Lost Book when selected from the Catalog.
  • Fixed an issue where you could get your grange score immediately after asking Lewis to judge his grange during the
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Patch 1.4.2

December 4, 2019 – Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Crane Game would crash when loading on Mac builds.
  • Fixed workbenches not pulling items out of chests that were on carpets.
  • Fixed an issue where Robin would stay in bed if she was upgrading certain buildings with game load.
  • Reverted placement rules introduced in 1.4.1 that prevented players from creating floors or torches on their spouse’s porch tiles. Instead,
  • spouses will now ignore the floor and “put out” torches that are placed on those tiles when they move there in the morning.
  • Fixed a bug where buying a magic rock candy, exiting to the title, and then reloading the game would cause the candy to not appear in the store again.
  • Farmers who are knocked out while holding an item will now correctly animate the knocked out animation.
  • Fixed an issue where the tool being updated in Clint’s could be set to an invalid value, causing Lewis to incorrectly send you a toolkit every night.

Patch 1.4.1
Dec 2, 2019

ConcernedApe released patch 1.4.1 to address the issues found in the big 1.4 Everything update. The patch was originally shipped as version “” but has been changed to 1.4.1 to maintain compatibility with the stardew valley slime hutch Modification API.

New features

  • Added a new Gamepad mode selection to the options menu. The default setting (“Auto”) will automatically switch between keyboard and mouse controls based on the last input used. “Force on” forces the game to use controller logic, similar to previous versions of Stardew Valley. “Force off” disables the gamepad and should be used if you only play with a keyboard and mouse.
  • You can now buy museum rarecrows from the Night Market after you’ve unlocked them.
  • Some NPCs who are not spouses now have a custom movie ticket acceptance dialog (English only)

Gameplay changes

  • Penny’s 14 Hearts Event will no longer remove any placed sideboards. They will remain in her place, and any furniture that was supposed to be placed in the occupied tiles will now be added to the same chests that Penny places her items in.
  • Explosive ammo now costs 300g / each in the Marolon store, will not appear until you have unlocked the crafting recipe, and now only explodes with a radius of 2 cells instead of 3.
  • Now you can only buy one piece of Magic Rock Candy per Thursday at Desert Trader.
  • Iridium ore abundance now increases much more slowly beyond Skull Cavern level 100.
  • Vincent now loves snails

Error correction

  • Fixed an issue where separate Farmhand wallets were reset to 500g if the host was playing on Mac or Linux.
  • Fixed the incorrect order of gift likes for NPCs, so now the likes should remain as they were in 1.3.
  • The trash bear no longer appears on holidays, preventing a possible accident.
  • Fixed an issue where retrieval of Marlon’s Bug Head, Neptune Glaive, Forest Sword, or Carving Knife made it appear that Clint was upgrading that weapon. This could cause him to lose a tool if he was already updating a tool when this happened.
  • Fixed incorrect fish pond silhouettes after clearing the pond in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a typo that caused plant seeds to be removed from inventory when trying to plant them off the farm without success.
  • Untyped “Honey” elements prior to 1.4 that were mistakenly named “Wild Honey” are now converted to “Wild Honey” which is accumulated with other “Wild Honey” elements.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when adding the Tree Fertilizer recipe to a saved game that already has it.
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CONTROLLER: Fixed some inconsistencies with cursor location when item storage is on.
CONTROLLER: Fixed an issue where using the toggle buttons to swap pages in the Junimo bundle menu while holding an item would cause it to get lost.
CONTROLLER: Highlighting a drop-down menu option on the options screen in the controller now snaps to the drop-down button, no longer obscuring text.
CONTROLLER: When a dialog question is asked, the first selectable option is now selected by default in controller mode, regardless of whether the controller style menus option is enabled or not.
CONTROLLER: Fixed an issue in the mission log where if you move the cursor to the right from the “back” button when viewing a mission description on the second page or on a higher page of the mission log, the cursor it would move to an invalid position.
Fixed various typos.
MODDING – added in a null check for loadDataToLocations as a courtesy to people with residual mod data in their save file
MODDING: Fixed the debug / friendAll command granting friendships to NPCs that are not friendly, which could possibly cause issues in any game mechanic that randomly selected a friend.

Minor changes

  • New emails after the player passes out from exhaustion or dies. Sometimes they end up in Harvey’s clinic after death.
  • Strange Bun had the price and cooking ingredients adjusted.
  • Giving someone a gift on their birthday will never make your spouse jealous.
  • Now you can wallpaper the small hallways of your renovated home.
  • When you defeat Journey of the Prairie King, you can now start over in a harder mode, keeping your upgrades and coins.
    2 new “Lost Books” to collect for the library.
  • You can now choose to color your chests with one of 20 color options.
  • NPCs now appreciate the quality score on gifts, but it only has an effect on gifts they “like” or “love.”
  • You can now move your buildings through Robin’s construction menu.
  • Krobus now sells Void Eggs.
  • Slime Balls now have a chance to drop Petrified Slime.
  • When paused, time now blinks from black to gray to black.
  • Added a graphics option to display “sharper” stack number digits.
  • Barrels no longer require clay to make them.
  • Sunflower seeds can now be purchased and planted in summer in addition to fall.

Balance changes

  • All animal products increase in value by 25% (rounded to the nearest 5g)
  • The livestock profession now increases the value of animal products by 20%, up from 10%.
  • The artisan profession now increases the value of artisan products by 40%, instead of 50%.
  • The Blacksmith profession now increases the value of metal bars by 50%, up from 25%.
  • Blueberry’s value is now 50g, instead of 80g.
  • The value of the carambola is now 750 g, compared to 800 g.
  • Blueberry value is now 75g, instead of 130g.
  • Ancient Fruit’s value is now 550g, up from 750g.
  • The blueberry sauce has had its value reduced to 120g
  • The filling has had its value reduced to 165g.
  • Cranberry Candy has reduced its value to 175g
  • Blueberry tart has reduced its value to 150g
  • The fruit salad has reduced its value to 450 g.
  • Reduced sale price of blueberry seeds to 60 g.

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