How to give your Macarons a Stylish Exterior?

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Of all the bakery products, macarons are the most delicious and attractive edibles. For these yummy products, you cannot afford to go with some simple and ordinary packaging boxes. You need to up the design of your macaron boxes to develop the interest of the consumers in your products.

Captivating Colour Themes:

Colors are that essential part of designing that has the potential to change the entire look of your packaging. Not all colors look beautiful when incorporated into your packaging design. That is why it requires a great and creative head to get this job done. The manufacturers are always in hassle while choosing the color combinations for box designing, but you should not make this mistake. There are plenty of colors, but you cannot incorporate every color into your design. When selecting the colors, keep your targeted audience in mind because there may be some customers who like vibrant colors, and there may be ones who like dull colors. Not only that, but the parent theme of your brand should also be given weight during the selection of appropriate themes. The custom printed macaron boxes designed with appropriate color themes will look beautiful, and the customers will automatically get attracted.

Character Personalization:

One of the most creative ideas to improve the exterior of your custom macaron boxes wholesale is to customize them as per your targeted audience. There are some famous cartoon and movie characters of the people which they love seeing. You can target a specific audience through character personalization. The characters such as Cinderella, snow white, or Ana from frozen can be a good choice for attracting cute little girls. On the other hand, the characters such as Ben 10, Batman, Superman, Tom and Jerry, etc., can fascinate the boys. Some best movie characters can also be introduced in the form of pictures on your packaging. This is a proven tactic to impress the clients with the exterior of your macaron packaging and to improve the sales of your edibles.

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Theme Customization:

Another type of customization is to customize the macaron packaging boxes as per the theme of the event or party. For the events such as bridal showers or anniversaries, you can print these packages with the name of the groom and bride. On the events like birthdays, you can imprint a phrase like “Happy Birthday” or some other message to show your love and feelings to your loved ones. Do not limit the theme customization to printing the names only. You can also customize the box according to the theme of the event or introduce some colors to match the theme of a particular event. A “deer” shaped box, for instance, would be perfect to go with the theme of Christmas. The red color schemes or a heart shape of the box can match the theme of Valentine’s Day. This technique will enhance the value of your macaron packages and the items inside in the eyes of the customers.

Alluring Artwork:

Considering the point that modern-day customers are highly captivated by colorful graphics, adding them to your packaging design will increase the worth of your box. There are various illustrations that can be added to macaron packages to allure the customers in the very first look. The pictures of delicious and tasty macarons, for instance, can be added to the exterior of your packaging to increase the appetite of food lovers. Similarly, the various text is printed on the exterior of a box, which can be made alluring by choosing the appropriate font sizes and colors. The intricate patterns like polka dots or chevron printed on your box make it look more appealing and captivating.

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Good Lamination:

The outer packaging is the thing that is seen first by the buyers in the market. Its appearance will decide whether the clients will buy your sweet edibles or not. If it is not alluring enough, the chances are that no one will bother to purchase your item. Make the outer appearance of your box stand out by using attractive lamination. The gloss lamination can be a perfect choice as it produces a shiny and glass-like appearance that assists in increasing the graphics. The matte lamination can be used if you want to remove all kinds of stains and marks on the exterior of your box and give it a clear look. For a more luxurious look and ultimate shine, spot UV can be used.

Foil Stamping:

Foil stamping is a good technique to polish up the exterior of custom macaron boxes USA. In this process, a heated die is used to apply the foil to the surface of your packages. The foil may be of any color, but the gold foiling is liked the most by the customers as it gives a premium look to the macarons. Gold foiling adds more energy to the look of your ordinary packaging and makes it highly attractive by adding a touch of luxury and class.

There are various techniques through which you can enhance the exterior look of your custom printed boxes. The attractive color schemes and some alluring artwork can be beneficial in this aspect. Apart from that, lamination and foil stamping also help you in improving the finishing of your packaging.

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