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Minecraft potions are a great way to improve your character, especially if you are planning a risky adventure. Potions have many different uses – some can improve your health, while others will add certain resistances or increase the damage you deal. While some potions can be upgraded to last longer, these upgrades are only temporary, but they can mean the difference between failure and success if used correctly.

If you’re looking for extra protection when you’re away from your base, Minecraft’s best enchantments will enhance your armor and tools. And if you want to take survival one step further, building your Minecraft Netherite team is the way to go. Of course, you can avoid most dangers completely if you build one of the best castles in Minecraft. But if you’re stuck with wanderlust and want to play it safe, brewing some of the best Minecraft potions will help you through a number of tricky situations.

Minecraft Brewing Equipment

Here you have all the equipment you need to make Minecraft potions.

  • Brew Stand – A block used to add ingredients to water bottles.
  • Cauldron: Contains the water and is used to fill the glass bottles that will eventually house the potions.
  • Blaze Powder – This is the fuel for the prep station.
  • Glass Bottle: These are the containers for your potions.
  • Water Bottle – This is the starting base for all potions. You get it by filling a glass bottle from the cauldron.

How to use a preparation stand

The brewing stand can be made by combining a fire rod with three pieces of cobblestone. You need to place the Blaze Rod in the center for fuel and the Cobblestone along the bottom row. You can find Blaze Rods by killing Blazes in Nether Fortresses, and it’s worth collecting as many as you can.

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Along with the fuel for the prep stall you need to get started, you’ll also need a few bottles of water and some nether warts.

To make water bottles, first create glass bottles by combining three pieces of glass on a workbench. These should be arranged in a V shape with the three pieces in the center on the left, in the center of the bottom, and in the center on the right of the table. Then take your bottles to a water source and use them.

Next up is Nether Wart, which you can get if you find it in The Nether. You can also create your own farm by placing some Soul Sand and planting Nether Wart on it.

Now that it’s settled, we can get back to brewing. Add up to three bottles of water to the holder before adding some bottom wart. Once the process is complete, you will have three Awkward Potions to play with. On their own, these potions are useless, but they are also the main component of most potions.

Base Ingredients

There are two basic ways to change potions. You can change how the potion works on a basic level, like making it last longer. That is what we are seeing here. Further down, we look to change the effects of potions, so they do different things. However, for now, here are the ingredients for base changes and what they do:

Worldly potion

  • Ingredient: Redstone Powder
  • How to Obtain: Mine Redstone Ore
  • Modifying effect: extends the duration of the potion.

Thick potion

  • Ingredient: luminous stone powder
  • How to get: Mine Glowstone Blocks
  • Modifying effect: improves the level of the potion. Increases power, but lasts less time.

Potion of weakness

  • Ingredient: Fermented Spider Eye
  • How to get it: Create a spider eye with sugar and a brown mushroom
  • Modifying effect: corrupts certain potions, allowing them to have the opposite (often negative) effect.
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Splash water bottle

  • Ingredient: gunpowder
  • How to get it: Killing Creepers, Ghasts, and Witches.
  • Modifying effect: turns a normal potion into a splash potion. This explodes and spreads an effect when cast.

Persistent water bottle

  • Ingredient: Dragon’s Breath
  • How to get it: Use an empty bottle on the fireballs left by the Ender Dragon’s breath attack.
  • Modifying effect: turn a splash potion into a persistent potion. This creates a cloud of that effect when cast.

Effects Ingredients

Effect Potions are made by combining Awkward Potions with different ingredients. You just need to put the Uncomfortable Potion on the Brew Stand and add the relevant ingredient to it. Make sure there is still Blaze Powder lighting up the bracket, otherwise nothing will happen. Now you can look to improve or alter them. Here, we’ll go over all the effect potions, what ingredients you’ll need, how to catch those ingredients, and which potions you’ll probably need the most.

Potion of Quickness

  • Ingredients: Sugar
  • How to get it: Craft Sugar Cane.

This potion makes you faster, which is important if you plan on moving around a lot, want to rush through a tedious task, or are just very impatient.

Jump potion

  • Ingredients: Rabbit foot
  • How to get it: Kill rabbits like a savage.

Like ten lords at Christmas, this potion will make you jump, increasing your jumping height.

Healing potion

  • Ingredients: Slice of shimmering melon
  • How to get it: create eight gold nuggets and a melon slice.

An essential healing potion in any game, it will heal your wounds. I mean, what more could you ask for?

Poison potion

  • Ingredients: spider eye
  • How to get it: Kill the spiders. They attacked you first, to be fair.

One of the rare offensive potions, a poison potion will deplete health slowly over time as toxins take over.

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